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Annual leave

We encourage you to use your annual leave entitlement throughout the year, as part of a positive work-life balance.

Here is information about leave entitlements, calculations and the harmonisation of leave years.

Booking annual leave

How to book a holiday.

Amending your leave

How to amend your annual leave booking.

Leave entitlements

How annual leave entitlements are calculated.

Starters & leavers

Information on how annual leave is calculated you start or leave the University.

Sickness during annual leave

If you fall sick during the course of annual leave you are regarded as being on sick leave from the date specified on a doctor’s medical note.  You are entitled to take the balance of the annual leave at a later date after returning to work.

If you are absent from work due to sickness you will continue to accrue annual leave and will be entitled to take this balance on your return to work. Read our guidance on sickness absence.

Carrying over unused leave

What happens if you do not use your full leave entitlement wiithin the leave year.