Human Resources

Contribution Pay 2017 timetable

Recognising Excellence scheme



4 September to 27 November 2017   

Faculties/Schools/Departments to organise local schemes

31 October & 6 November 2017 Contribution Pay Review Group meets to consider Outstanding Contribution nominations (see Outstanding Contribution scheme below). Unsuccessful cases may be referred back to Faculties/Schools/Departments for consideration under their local Recognising Excellence schemes 
27 November 2017

Heads of Department* to return final recipients of the award to the Reward Manager (via the Contribution Pay mailbox) for final checks

5 December 2017

Reward Manager to notify Payroll of recipients and amounts to pay.

Reward Manager to confirm back to Heads of Department the final payment amount for 2016/2017 award.

6 December 2017

Process to start notifying successful employees with amount of award to be communicated directly from Faculties/Schools/Departments      

21 December 2017

Recognising Excellence awards paid in December 2017 payroll

Outstanding Contribution scheme



11 September 2017             

Heads of Department* write to eligible staff inviting nominations

2 October 2017

Nominations to be completed and returned to Heads of Department

16 October 2017

Heads of Department to forward all nominations electronically to Human Resources                         

31 October & 6 November 2017

Contribution Pay Review Group meets to consider Outstanding Contribution nominations.

Unsuccessful cases may be referred back to Faculties/Schools/Departments for consideration under their local Recognising Excellence schemes

December 2017

Human Resources send outcome letters to Outstanding Contribution nominees

January 2018

Contribution points actioned for successful nominees in January 2018 payroll, effective 1 January                                                           

  *Please note, Heads of Department includes; Directors of Administration, and Directors of Technical Services