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Universities have a role to play in Colombian peace, says university leader

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Find out how we work with international institutions to guide policy and train higher education leaders of the future.

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ICHEM led a session on the role of transnational higher education on global wellbeing and new imperialism at the British Council Going Global Conference.

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Roger King talks about how funding is a key factor, dividing UK political parties.

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The misapplication of private sector HR techniques harms individuals without raising performance, Times Higher Educaton.

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Jürgen Enders delivered keynote 
 address at the SRHE conference.

“Inspiring future generations: embracing plurality and difference in higher education”.

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Rajani Naidoo, from the School of Management, has been appointed Professor of Higher Education Management and Director of the International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM).

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Jose Restrepo, a student on our DBA in Higher Education Management programme, has been elected as Rector of the Universidad del Rosario in Colombia.

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The Commission examines higher education policy, holds evidence-based inquiries, and produces written reports with recommendations for policymakers.

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The case for a new higher education bill is clear, says Roger King. Without it we're in danger of fire without a fire brigade.

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The International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM) is a major interdisciplinary research centre established in 1994 in the School of Management at the University of Bath, one of the highest ranked teaching and research institutions in the UK. Professor Rajani Naidoo is Director of ICHEM.

The overarching aim of the centre is to contribute theoretical advances and empirical knowledge to strengthen the innovative capacity of higher education in a global context. ICHEM brings together leading researchers from different disciplines across the University and a team of prestigious visiting professors to address the major issues confronting higher education. Our interdisciplinary research enhances current management, leadership and policy by shifting mind-sets beyond narrowly defined measures of success and turning the spotlight on international trailblazer initiatives which contribute to global wellbeing. We challenge taken for granted assumptions and develop alternative strategies for sustainable higher education systems contributing to global wellbeing through inclusive economic and social development.

More specifically:

  • ICHEM supports research of international standing by undertaking funded research projects, through high quality publications in academic journals and monographs and through the organisation of seminars and conferences.
  • ICHEM assists in the formation and realisation of strategic change processes in higher education systems and organisations. We work with and on behalf of governments, higher education institutions, international organisations and other agencies. We provide global consultancy, scoping papers and policy, management and leadership briefs.
  • ICHEM disseminates innovations arising from higher education trailblazers contributing to global wellbeing
  • ICHEM bridges the divide between researchers, policy makers and practitioners through the development of Praxis Circles.
  • ICHEM contributes to a range of programmes, including the PhD and the DBA in Higher Education Management, as well as Executive Development for higher education leaders.