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February 2019

When Words Wound: New Limits on Academic Freedom

On 21 February Dr Joanna Williams, Head of Education and Culture at Policy Exchange and Associate Editor of Spiked, spoke about how the limits of academic freedom are often reached when there are claims of potential for harm.

August 2018

DBA student named University of Namibia's youngest ever Vice-Chancellor

Bath DBA student Professor Kenneth Matengu has been named the University of Namibia's youngest ever Vice-Chancellor.

Read the full article on Kenneth's appointment.

March 2018

Connecting climate change with social inequality

How far can we avert global warming without worsening deprivation and inequality in society? This was the question addressed by Professor Ian Gough external website in a seminar on 20 February 2018.

Professor Veronica Hope Hailey, Dean of the School of Management and Vice President of the University, highlighted the importance of tackling sustainable growth while meeting the needs of all people.

Drawing on his book Heat, Greed and Human Need - Climate Change Capitalism and Sustainable Wellbeing external website, Ian argued that strategies to tackle climate change ignore the social and economic causes of global warming and who really suffers.

Balancing what we need with what we want

Ian stated that the satisfaction of human needs (as opposed to wants) is the only viable measure for negotiating trade-offs between climate change and human wellbeing.

He proposed moving from 'green growth' to 'recomposing' patterns of consumption in the rich world, and cutting high-energy luxuries in favour of low-energy routes to meet basic needs.

Challenging the idea of unending growth, he concluded that measures such as reducing paid working time could prepare the way for an economy that flourishes without growth.

The higher education perspective

Rajani Naidoo, Director of the International Centre for Higher Education Management, drew out implications for universities.

She argued that higher education cannot be seen purely as a space for consumption or as a lever for employment and unsustainable growth. Students across all subjects need to learn about the most serious threats that humanity faces and how to live sustainably.

Rajani also argued that research can be mobilised against the 'denial industry' which attacks the science of climate change and manipulates research for corporate profit.

Andrew Crane, Director of the Centre for Business, Organisations and Society argued that while degrowth poses fundamental challenges for big business, there are glimmers of hope where companies do not reduce their own product but reduce other forms of consumption such as energy. He also stressed that we need to look beyond big business to locally embedded initiatives and community forms of production and consumption.

The large interdisciplinary audience of higher education faculty, managers and students, as well as representatives of other professional communities including medicine, engaged in a spirited discussion on key issues raised in the talk including the role of power, politics and civil society.

The seminar was jointly organised by

Download the seminar slides pdf icon

Watch the seminar on YouTube external website (credit: Rachel Foster-Borman)

Read Ian's blog post 'An eco-social framework for fair sustainability'

October 2017

Dr José Restrepo explains how HE is spreading peace in Colombia

In his 19 October talk, Dr José Restrepo, president of Universidad del Rosario and School of Management alumnus, spoke about the role of universities in the transition to peace in Colombia.

Read the full article on Dr José Restrepo's talk

August 2017

Researcher Links Workshop, "Innovate Higher Education to Enhance Graduate Employability"

The Researcher Links Workshop, "Innovate Higher Education to Enhance Graduate Employability", took place at the Asia Hotel and Conference Centre in Bangkok, Thailand from July 31st to August 4th, 2017.

A picture of the attendants of the Researcher Links Workshop

The research event was co-hosted by the University of Bath and Khon Kaen University, with leadership provided by Associate Professor Dr Hong T.M. Bui (ICHEM) and Associate Professor Dr Tang Keow Ngang (Khon Kaen University). Attended by early career researchers, practitioners and Higher Education (HE) managers from the UK, Thailand and many other countries, the workshop presented HE research and frameworks from around the world.

Professor Jurgen Enders from ICHEM delivered an influential three-hour keynote: "Graduate Employability: about the relationship between higher education and work" via Skype. It was highly interactive and well received, despite there being thousands of miles between him and the participants. Jim Edwards and Najaf Khan, two DBA in HEM candidates, from the University of Bath attended the workshop with 32 other participants from the UK, Thailand and Vietnam.

We would like to express our appreciation to the British Council, the Newton Fund and the Thai Research Fund for their support of this momentous event and we look forward to enhancing this now established collaboration between UK and Thai Higher Education Institutions in the near future.

June 2017

Insight: Education Pressure

Professor Rajani Naidoo spoke live on TRT World's Insight programme about the pressures students around the world face with higher education.

May 2017

50th anniversary inclusive development conference - media highlights

The Contribution of Higher Education and Business Schools to Inclusive Development conference took place at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. View media coverage of the event.

Anniversary conference on prime time South African news

Professor Rajani Naidoo and Mukovhe Masutha discuss inequality in higher education on eNCA's eNuus, 27 April 2017.

April 2017

50th anniversary conference to explore higher education's contribution to inclusive development

A conference in South Africa this month will explore how higher education can show value to society through 'inclusive development'. Read more.

January 2017

ICHEM joins ESRC/HEFCE Centre for Global Higher Education

Jürgen Enders and Rajani Naidoo have joined the Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE) external website

Jürgen will contribute to research on the 'Governance of Higher Education in the UK and Europe'. He joins a project team including Michael Shattock, Aniko Horvath (both UCL Institute of Education), and Ellen Hazelkorn (Dublin Institute of Technology). The work investigates the structures and processes of higher education governance between global templates, national patterns and local orders in international comparative perspectives. Jürgen's research has received £115,000 in funding.

Rajani has joined the 'Pathways to Personal and Public Good' project. She leads the access theme together with Melanie Walker (University of the Free State) and Vincent Carpentier (UCL Institute of Education).

An international research centre

Based at the UCL Insitute of Education, CGHE research focuses on higher education and its future development. ICHEM joins in partnership with institutions based in nine countries across five continents.

December 2016

DBA Alumnus receives Commonwealth of Learning Honorary Fellow Award

COL Honorary Fellows

The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) has conferred the title of Honorary Fellow on Dr Luz Longsworth, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Open Campus of The University of the West Indies in recognition of her leadership in higher education. Dr Longsworth was named among seven new honorary fellows at the Pan-Commonwealth Forum on 28 November 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr Luz Longswoth is a graduate of the DBA in Higher Education Management in the School of Management.

COL is an intergovernmental organisation created by Commonwealth Heads of Government to encourage the development and sharing of open learning and distance education knowledge, resources and technologies. It awards honorary fellowships every three years at its triennial Pan-Commonwealth forums. These fellowships honour carefully selected individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of open, distance and technology-enabled learning in their own country and internationally and/or to the advancements of education and development in the Commonwealth generally.

Dr Longsworth has has more than 30 years’ experience in academia and business in Jamaica, the British Virgin Islands, and Belize. She was officially appointed Pro Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the Open Campus in 2016. Dr Longsworth said that she was truly humbled by this acknowledgement, especially since she has always had an abiding admiration for the work of COL throughout the Commonwealth in supporting online, flexible and distance learning. She was honoured to accept the award, not just on her own behalf but “as part of a unique and outstanding institution, The University of the West Indies.”

November 2016

Hong Bui gives a talk at ESPM, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr Hong T. M. Bui, Associate Professor in Higher Education Management, has been invited to give a talk on "University as a Learning Organisation for Innovation and Transformation" at the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM), Sao Paulo on 22nd November. ESPM is the largest private marketing school in South America. After the talk, she was awarded a certificate for her 'outstanding international seminar'.

September 2016

Stefanie Gustafsson provides management expertise in Peru

Gustafsson at PUCP

Lecturer in Organisation Studies Dr Stefanie Gustafsson represented ICHEM recently at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru (PUCP). PUCP has consistently been one of the top-ranking universities in the country.

Stefanie presented a series of lectures on a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education. The Peruvian Ministry for Education initiated the diploma as part of a broader reform program for Higher Education.

Stefanie lectured on management related topics such as change management, trust, leadership and teamwork. 40 academics and administrators from seven Peruvian Universities were present.

This initiative is part of the University and School's strategy to build partnerships with leading international universities, particularly in South America.

April 2016

Rajani Naidoo warns of higher education's competition fetish in Worldviews Annual Lecture

Professor Rajani Naidoo recently delivered the 2016 Worldviews Annual Lecture on Media and Higher Education. Her talk at the University of Toronto warned against the fetishisation of competition in higher education.

March 2016

Jürgen Enders appointed as member of the HERCulES group of the Academia Europaea

Jürgen Enders external website has been appointed to the Higer Education, Research and Culture in European Society (HERCulES) group external website of Academia Europea. HERCulES stimulates and organises initiatives in the fields of higher education and culture.

Academia Europaea external website is a European academy of humanities, letters and sciences. It has about 2,800 members (among them 52 Nobel Laureates) based on peer group nomination, scrutiny and confirmation of their scholarship and eminence in their field.

The HERCulES group organises international high-level symposia on topics such as:

The next symposium is at Schloss Herrenhausen, Hannover, Germany, supported by the Volkswagen Foundation. It will address the issue 'University Governance: Impeding or facilitating creativity?' external website

January 2016

Professor Roger King, comments on University regulation for the University World News

Visiting Professor Roger King, who led the Higher Education Commission’s work on a new regulatory landscape, questions whether the government really is offering students adequate protection.

November 2015

Explainer: new-look regulation on cards for higher education

Universities in the UK face a shakeup in the way they are regulated if proposals set out by the government in a new green paper go ahead as planned; Visiting Professor Roger King writes for The Conversation.

October 2015

Competition is hindering compassion and conscience

It is clearly very important for universities to contribute to their cities, regions and countries. However, many of the major issues facing humankind such as the destruction of the environment, rising inequality and violence across borders can only be solved by countries and universities working together.

Rajani Naidoo comments on Africa's 'teaching shops' (THE)

With the growth of private universities in Africa, Prof Rajani Naidoo warns that programmes such as medicine and engineering at public universities 'may be placed in a vulnerable position'.

September 2015

We should be grateful that Universities UK has taken a stand against Brexit- Professor Roger King, writes in The Conversation

Universities UK has long been accused of not fighting strongly enough for the interests of universities. Yet when it does put its head above the parapet, as it has with a forceful campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union ahead of an upcoming referendum on membership, it gets its head shot off.

Branch campus leaders inexperienced and unsupported, study finds.

Leaders of UK universities’ international branch campuses often have little managerial experience and rarely receive enough support from their home institutions, a study has found.

August 2015

International funding award winners announced

Professor Jürgen Enders appointed as member of review panel for four Swedish research funders.

Professor Jürgen Enders has been appointed as an expert member to a review panel of the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte), the Swedish Research Council Formas, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ) and the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet, VR).

June 2015

Word DocTrans-National Education: Global Wellbeing or New Imperialism?

ICHEM led a session on the role of transnational higher education on global wellbeing and new imperialism at the British Council Going Global Conference on 2 June 2015 at the Queen Elizabeth Centre in London. The session was chaired by the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell, curated by Professor Rajani Naidoo, Director ICHEM with concluding remarks highlighting good practice and areas of concern by Professor Colin Grant, Pro Vice Chancellor International.

May 2015

March 2015

Visiting Professor, Geoff Whitty, selected by American Educational Research Association as AERA Fellow.  

AERA Fellows are selected on the basis of their notable and sustained research achievements. The 2015 Fellows were nominated by their peers, selected by the AERA Fellows Committee, and approved by the AERA Council, the association’s elected governing body. They will be inducted on Friday, April 17, during the AERA 2015 Annual Meeting in Chicago, Ill. They join 579 current AERA Fellows

February 2015

Robin Shields publishes new book on international higher education

January 2015

Jürgen Enders delivered keynote address at the SRHE conference on 11 December at Celtic Man

The conference brings together scholars, practitioners and policy-makers to address the role of higher education in a rapidly changing global environment and this year’s theme addressed “Inspiring future generations: embracing plurality and difference in higher education”.

Jürgen’s keynote titled “In praise of diversity: a socio-political perspective on field dynamics in higher education” analyses how system diversity and differentiation became important issues in higher education. He shows how the interaction of various forces converge in a Zeitgeist that favours steep hierarchies of universities and undermines attempts for further division of work on equal terms. This risks reducing the diversity, adaptability and resilience of the field as a whole. Jürgen calls for policies that praise diversity and discusses ways of attaching reputation and resources to the wider purposes of higher education.

October 2014

Bath DBA student elected as Rector of the Universidad del Rosario

Jose Restrepo, a student on our DBA in Higher Education Management programme, has been elected as Rector of the Universidad del Rosario in Colombia.

Roger King comments on risk and regulation in the Guardian

The case for a new higher education bill is clear, says Roger King. Without it we're in danger of fire without a fire brigade.

Rajani Naidoo will deliver the keynote address at the UKFIET conference on 24 October at the University of London Institute of Education.

UKFIET conference

The conference brings together academics and policy makers to address the role that higher education should play in the post-2015 development agenda, the impact of existing interventions and and the priorities for research investment. Rajani's keynote titled Trans-national Higher Education : Global Wellbeing or Cultural Imperialism ? analyses how geo-political rivalry in the 21st century including the rise of China and Brazil impacts on the role that universities play in international development.

Rajani shows how the neo-liberal commodification of higher education, the role of international organisations such as the World Bank and the rise of rankings lead to greater standardisation in how success is defined across very different national contexts. She presents alternative ways of evaluating transnational higher education which includes but goes beyond the narrow focus on human capital and economic development.

August 2014

Mehdi Boussebaa, Shuchi Sinha & Yiannis Gabriel reach finals for the AoM Best International Paper award

"Englishization in offshore call centres: A postcolonial perspective" submitted by the Critical Management Studies Division has been chosen as one of the six finalists for the 2014 Carolyn Dexter Best International Paper Award.

May 2014

Rajani Naidoo appointed Professor of Higher Education Management

Rajani Naidoo, from the School of Management, has been appointed Professor of Higher Education Management and Director of the International Centre for Higher Education Management (ICHEM).

March 2014

Robin Shields awarded George Bereday Award

Dr Robin Shields has been awarded the George Bereday Award for the most outstanding article published in the Comparative Education Review: a leading journal in the field of comparative and international education.

January 2014

Yiannis Gabriel & Rob Briner are drivers behind the Best University Workplace Survey

The survey, published by the Times Higher Education, aims to make the voices of academics heard in policy debates.

Academy of Finland Research Council Review Panel Appoints Dr Rajani Naidoo

Dr Rajani Naidoo has been appointed as an expert member to the Academy of Finland, Research Council for Culture and Society Education review panel.