Insurance Services

Liability covers

The University of Bath's Employers Liability, Public/Products Liability and Professional Indemnity covers are provided by UM Association Ltd. The documents below provide details of the cover and can be used when you are required to provide evidence of the cover.

Information for claimants

The following information is for anyone who has a potential personal injury claim against the University to pass on to their solicitor.

Ministry of Justice (MOJ) – Claims Portal Information
University of Bath
Compensator U M Association Ltd (note - there is a space between the letters)
Reference UM114/12

Work experience students

Our Public Liability covers work experience students, but they must be adequately supervised.

Visiting academics

Academics who are visiting the University as part of a collaborative scheme or shadowing programme would normally be covered by their own employers.

While they are acting on the University’s behalf, they are treated as employees of the University, and protected by insurance in the same way as employees. If your visitor is not acting on behalf of an employer you should let the Insurance team have details.

New activities

You should let us know if you intend to get involved in any activity which you think might not have been undertaken at the University before.