Insurance Services

Motor insurance

University vehicles

The University provides insurance for authorised drivers of the University fleet, as long as they are holders of a full UK or approved European (EU/EEA) licence, relevant to the vehicle to be driven. They must also conform to other criteria. In order to drive a vehicle in the University fleet, you must be an authorised driver.

Authorised driver application

You should submit your application well in advance of when you need the authorisation to start. This is especially the case if you are requesting to drive a minibus, as additional driver training is required before your application can be approved.

To submit your application you should:

  1. Download and complete the driver application form (or contact Nicholas Fowles-Sweet for a paper copy).
  2. Download the completed form and driving licence points declaration  to Nicholas Fowles-Sweet in the Department of Estates. 

Please note: Details of any previous accidents or convictions and regular updates of your licence need to be kept on file.

Hire vehicles

The University does not hold any insurance for vehicles that are hired for University business - you must purchase the insurance that is offered by the hire company.

Some companies believe the University's insurance covers hire cars - it does not. If you do not purchase the hire company's insurance you will be driving without any.

It is recommended that you purchase the best comprehensive insurance that the company offer including a 'collision damage waiver' or CDW, which is essentially an additional insurance to reduce the excess that you would have to pay in the event of a claim. Without this additional CDW the excess may be extremely high, particularly if you are a young (under 25) or an inexperienced driver. In the event of a claim the cost of any excess, or any damage which falls below the excess, will be a charge on the individual's department.

If a hiring company is unable to hire a car to a member of the University for business purposes because they cannot insure the individual (because they are too young or inexperienced, or have penalty points), the University may be able to cover the vehicle on its fleet policy. However this is only at our insurer's discretion. The individual would need to submit a copy of their licence to our insurers for approval and will incur an additional premium. Also the checking process can take a little time to complete, so this cannot be done 'last minute'.

Personal vehicles

Your personal car is not insured for work purposes unless you have arranged cover through your own motor insurers. The University does not cover individuals to use their own car for business use. You will need to ask your private motor insurer for 'business use' cover on your vehicle if you wish to use it for this purpose. Your insurers may make a charge for this extension to your policy, and if this is the case then this is at the individual's expense and is not a cost on the University. It is intended that the mileage allowance will compensate for any such cost.

If you use your car for business purposes, all insurance issues are your responsibility. Therefore in the event of an accident, you are responsible for submitting the claim to your insurers and for paying any excess. Also any damage below the excess is your responsibility and not the University's.

Motor insurance database

The 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive requires the University to maintain the Motor Insurance Database Phase II (MID) with information of all vehicles insured against its motor insurance policy. The present requirements state that any motor vehicle insured on the University’s motor policy for a period of 14 days or more must be notified to the MID within 14 days. This database is maintained by Insurance Services Manager, Simon Holt.