Insurance Services

University property

All property owned by the University, or for which it is legally responsible, is covered for its replacement value against loss or damage.

The University cannot provide insurance for personal belongings.

Exclusions to cover

A number of standard exclusions apply, the most common being:

  • wear, tear and gradual deterioration
  • faulty or defective design
  • materials or workmanship
  • contamination by radiation
  • theft of property left unattended or in the open
  • any loss from an unattended vehicle.

Losses must also be attributed to an incident. There is sometimes a time limit within which a claim must be made, it is therefore crucial to inform the Insurance team immediately if a loss has occurred.

Deductibles to cover

The policy is subject to a £10,000 deductible for all losses. Losses that fall below the excess are met by the Finance Office, provided it is adjudged that the policy would have paid out, but for the application of the deductible.

University equipment

University equipment is insured anywhere in the world, but is limited to £250,000 for any one loss away from the premises including in transit, either in the UK or overseas, and with a £60,000 single item limit.

It is possible to get this single item limit increased for specific requirements, but depending on the risk it could be subject to an additional cost. If you are removing a piece of equipment from campus the necessary forms need to be completed.

New equipment

New equipment is automatically covered and does not need to be notified.

Equipment on loan

Equipment on loan is automatically covered up to a limit of £250,000.

Inspection of equipment

It is a statutory requirement that insurance surveyors inspect all University-owned pressure vessels and lifting equipment at regular intervals. A schedule of all equipment inspected and the certificates of inspection are held and maintained by Property Services.

In the unfortunate case of an accident or failure of the equipment, the University will only have the back up of our insurers if these inspection requirements are fully complied with. All such equipment should be declared to Simon Holt, Insurance Services Manager, before it is used, so that it can be added to the insurance schedules.

Laptop, phones and other portable devices

Provided it was purchased by the University, laptops, phones and other portable devices are covered against loss or damage anywhere in the world. In the event that you want to make a claim, you will be required to demonstrate that you have taken reasonable care of the item.

Reasonable care is defined as would you have done anything differently if the items were your own and not covered.

University money

University money is covered if it is stolen, but a number of special security conditions apply. If Departments are storing or transporting significant amounts of money, they should check with Insurance Services at for details.