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Good Practice Discussions encourage the sharing of practice related to an annual institutional theme.

The discussions involve students as well as Departments, the School and Faculties. They aim to identify areas for local, as well as institutional, action.

Good Practice Discussions are designed to complement the University’s internal review and feedback mechanisms at unit and programme level.

Read the Code of Practice statement on Good Practice Discussions (QA54)

Academic support for overseas students

This Good Practice Discussion considers the following areas related to supporting overseas students:

  • policy and strategy
  • marketing and information
  • academic support
  • induction
  • English language provision
  • integration and interaction
  • programme and academic culture
  • student feedback

It also suggests resources that will support you in your work with overseas students.

Download a full summary of the 'Academic support for overseas students' Good Practice Discussion 2005/06 [PDF]