Centre for Learning and Teaching

Student Engagement in Learning and Teaching Quality Management:
A Study of UK Practices

In 2012 the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) commissioned Gwen van der Velden, Dr Rajani Naidoo, Dr Paulo Pimentel Botas, Mr Alex Pool and Dr John Lowe to undertake research into student engagement practices in UK higher education institutions. A parallel project took place at King's College under the leadership of Dr Camille Kandiko, which explored  student views of quality in higher education.

The Bath research resulted in three publications which will, in turn, contribute to the national debate and policy development in this area:

  • an overview report summarising key research findings and implications for policy and practice.
  • detailed research findings.
  • a good practice guide for institutions and students' unions.

Project aims

The main aims of this research project were to:

  • consider student engagement practices across UK higher education institutions and other providers
  • relate findings to current national policies and debates on the changing role and influence of the student voice in institutions.
  • identify and disseminate good practice to the wider sector.

Project team

The project team has been led by Gwen van der Velden, former Director, Learning and Teaching Enhancement and comprised the following staff from the University of Bath:

  • Dr Rajani Naidoo, Senior Lecturer (Higher Education Management) and Deputy Director, Centre for Innovation, Marketing and Consumption, School of Management
  • Dr John Lowe, Lecturer, Department of Education
  • Dr Paulo Charles Pimental Botas, Research Officer, School of Management
  • Mr Alexander Pool, Education Officer (2012/13), Students' Union

Further information, please contact Professor Gwen van der Velden on 02476 523050