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Unit evaluation

Good promotion and clear communication of its outcomes and impact are critical to the effectiveness of unit evaluation. In 2015/16, the University introduced a number of measures to ensure that unit evaluation remains effective - such as standardising the timing and reporting of the survey - which are being continued in 2016/17. Bringing greater consistency to department practice should help to improve response rates and enhance the credibility of the survey amongst staff and students. 

Our Unit Evaluation (UE) system enables students to provide anonymous feedback on their experience of all taught units. An online tool provides ease of completion by students and analysis/review by staff.

Unit Evaluation is a mandatory part of our formal annual unit and programme monitoring processes. 

Read about our processes for unit monitoring in QA51 Annual Monitoring of Units and Programmes

UE is an integral part of our commitment to provide high quality learning and teaching opportunities informed by the student voice.

Promotion and communication

In Semester 1 of 2016/17, we continued to implement standardisation of the timing and reporting of the survey. Staff have been asked to set the opening and closing times for their standard unit evaluations for specific dates, staggered by Faculty/School. Standard unit evaluations will be open for a slightly longer period (approximately two and a half weeks in Semester 2).

For reporting outcomes to students please complete the relevant unit evaluation report template (Forms 6-9 under QA51 – Annual Monitoring of Units and Programmes).


Unit Evaluation has three main aims:

  • to enable students to provide anonymous feedback on their experience of all taught units
  • to obtain qualitative and quantitative data to inform continuous improvement of learning and teaching
  • to inform Academic Staff Committee's decisions on individual cases for probation and promotion

The Unit Evaluation tool

Common core questions

The UE tool has the capacity to collect quantitative and qualitative data. Each questionnaire automatically includes a core set of mandatory questions formulated in consultation with University Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee (ULTQC) and agreed by Senate. There are four sets of core questions available. Unit convenors are responsible for selecting the core questions applicable to the unit:   

Further information

  • For technical support contact: Marie Salter, e-Learning Team
  • For academic support contact: Dr Rachael Carkett, Academic Staff Development Team
  • For policy and feedback contact: Shaun Stephenson-McGall (Student Engagement Manager, Centre for Learning and Teaching).