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Obtaining an identifier (ISBN, ISSN, DOI)

Whether publishing a book, a journal or an article, you may wish to add an identifier to make your output easier to find and identify.


You may wish to apply for an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) if you have written a book or produced a ‘serial monograph’ such as a set of conference proceedings.  ISBNs usually have 13 digits and start with 978-xxxxx-xxxxx.  The University of Bath Library can allocate ISBNs for certain items.  

To obtain an ISSN
, contact the Library Office on 01225 386084 or email library@bath.ac.uk with the following information:   

Once allocated, your ISBN can be applied to your book and it will also be added to the Neilson book database to be officially registered.



If you are starting a journal series, you can apply for an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) from the British Library (the UK representative of the ISSN Centre).  You need to apply for an ISSN based on the country in which the journal is published.  

Application for an ISSN is via a form that collects various pieces of data to show that the journal title is regularly produced and likely to continue.  There is no charge for an ISSN and it generally takes two weeks to be allocated.  More information. 

An ISSN usually has eight digits with a hyphen in the middle like this: 1234-5678.


When you have an article published with a well-known journal, the publisher will generally allocate a DOI (Digital Object Identifier (DOI) at the point of acceptance of your paper.  A DOI usually looks like this: 10.1025/klj123456. 

If your journal does not allocate DOIs

For further information on any of the above identifiers: