University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MA International Education and Globalisation

Explore the challenges of Chinese master students studying in the UK encountered in multicultural collaborative learning and the antecedents to explain the challenges

Yuanyuan Wu, 2019

From the perspective of cross-cultural communication, what are global volunteer teachers experiences of conducting a short-term culture exchange project in Romanian primary schools?

Siyao Yang, 2019

Recipes for International Mindedness - A Case Study on International Mindedness in IBDP Alumni at the University of Bath

Kevin Forslund, 2019

How does service learning facilitate the achievement of international mindedness? --- a case study in an IB world school

Honglin Xu, 2019

A Qualitative study of the motivations and future intentions of mobility of Chinese exchange students joining the 3+1+1 exchange and cooperative program in the UK

To Lam, 2019

Who Is Adapting to Whose culture? ------ A case study of Non-Chinese teachers teaching in a Chinese Student Dominant Postgraduate Programme

Mo Pei, 2019

Exploring the international and intercultural dimensions of an international education masters programme at a university in the UK: Students perceptions and experiences

Lauren Hudson, 2018

The Impact of the Service Strand of Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) on the Promotion of Caring Element of the Learner Profile: A Case Study in Beijing IB World School

Zhiyan Zhang, 2018

Exploring the learning challenges of Chinese international students on postgraduate courses in the UK and their impact from the angle of academic emotions

Pengfei Bi, 2017

Students Who Go to the World: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Values Embedded in a Global Education Program at One Japanese University

Courtney Merson, 2017

Who teaches the teachers? How do international teachers learn to teach international mindedness in international primary schools in Belgium?

Pauline Bertrand, 2017

The Expectations, Experiences and Employability Construction of Mainland Chinese Master Students in a British University

Nan Zou, 2017