University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Entrepreneurship and Management


Alexandros Christodoulides, 2018

The AR Marketing: The development of an initial idea to the business model

Chao Li, 2018

CO-ME The creation of a co-working space incorporating with worksite mental meditation training

Claudia Hui, 2018

Online community-based service helping people to find a travel companion. The learning journey behind the development of an initial idea into a business model

Guzel Timurgalieva, 2018

AquaPowder: the reflective voyage from an idea to a business model

Jonny Bryant, 2018

MOVE-BKK A Hybrid Healthy Community for Health-Conscious Bangkok Residents

Kamonphon Tangsaksathit, 2018

LangLunch: An Online Multi-language Learning Platform

Lydia Sun, 2018

IDARA: The Learning Journey Towards the Establishment of an Online Platform for Nigerian Fashion Wear

Olamide Orolugbagbe, 2018

The Creation of a Design Thinking Consultancy to aid SMEs in Thailand

Pearl Pulges, 2018

Electric two-wheeler design proposition for the working-class Indian market

Ra'ad Siddiqui, 2018

essaycheck "We don’t help you gain marks, we stop you from losing them"

Ryan Powell, 2018

Health-conscious Multi-purpose work space: The development of an initial idea to the business model

Sarunya Manawat, 2018

Tip Tap: A fairer and cashless alternative to current tipping practices

Sergio Korchoff, 2018

Fresh-Box: The only organic recipe box in Cyprus.

Stefanos Kouris, 2018

Introducing “EasyFish”: Seafood online marketplace for B2C market: The development of an initial idea to the business model

Thanachok Triwittayayon, 2018

Used clothing recycling industry Recycle used clothing to the new substance and sell the finished recycled products online

Tingting Li, 2018

Business Model of Stay Café:A Café with the theme of De-stressing

Xuying Shao, 2018

The development of an initial idea into a business model of the boutique hotel project “Lanna Lifestyle Hotel”

Yajai Tantraporn, 2018

LegalReform: An Online Legal Service Platform in China

Yilin Yang, 2018


Ian Lee, 2017

Burgeon: The creation of a 'virtual agency' that taps into the potential of the freelancer marketplace to aid SME growth through digital technology.

Michael Moodie, 2017

DineEzy Revolutionizing the Dining Experience

Akshay Sandri, 2017

YOU With Me- The establishment of customised China inbound travel service for foreign visitors

Juehong Gu, 2017

The Coffee Journey Working Cafe: The development of an initial idea to the business model

Pinpat Rattanasook, 2017

Eden's Bistro: The Learning Journey Through the Development of a Business Model

Adamara Okeke, 2017

So Local The establishment of an O2O platform to strength the relationship between local shoppers and independent stores

Yonghong Xiang, 2017

Meal delivery service: a solution for meal preparation at home. The development of an initial business idea into a business model

Yuanyuan Ding, 2017

IN KUME A place to eat and learn to cook traditional Chilean food

Sofia Medina, 2017

WANTIT Online Business Model with focus in discounted products in Clothing Retail Industry

Tomas Valverde Rodriguez, 2017

Eggcellent: The first egg-based cafe for Thai health-conscious consumers

Kamolchanok Leerungruang, 2017

The establishment of the business idea of Shuba - A mobile reading application for Chinese university students

Feiran Dong, 2017

FRESH Improving the existing operating pattern for the fresh food supermarket business of 'Huada' company

Yihao Zheng, 2017

NOURISHMENT Personalized Meal Subscription Service for Patients with Aging-associated Disease in Thailand

Sawinee Sae-Jiu, 2017

Improving Handicap Accessibility in America: An Intrapreneurial Expansion of Murray Woodcraft

Jared Murray, 2017

Introducing the "Rentit" sharing-economy-based business - a mobile application providing a platform for sharing luxury brand-name products: The development of the initial idea into a business model

Sudrutai Nopjamroonsri, 2017

Better Caring A holistic approach for health care service at home

Aphichaya Samahan, 2017

BETTER BIGGER: An Entrepreneurial Journey to Develop a Business Model for a Family-Run Logistics Venture

Nattaya Sriinsut, 2017

CHEF BOX THE HEALTHY EATING COMPANY The development of an initial idea into a business model

Elena Kirova, 2017

Riceburg: An entrepreneurial journey to construct the business model for redefining healthy eating for Thai consumers

Chayapha Sirisoponpong, 2017

The Ethical Handbags: The development of an initial idea into a business model as the social entrepreneur

Rachaya Mahayossanand, 2017

IMPROVING QUALITY OF LIFE FOR LOCAL COMMUNITIES IN BULGARIA THROUGH VOLUNTOURISM Entrepreneurial effort to help struggling regions in Bulgaria through volunteer tourism.

Simona Istatkova, 2017

PURE An alternative ethical and sustainable clothing concept for fashion enthusiasts

Bernardo Ferreira, 2017

WORMOLE: A Virtual Community Platform of Knowledge Transfer and Second Hand Goods Trade for Chinese Students

Bin Sun, 2017

An Alternative Method in Improving Sports Participation: An Entrepreneurial Journey to Construct the Business Model for Sporting Virtual Community

Liangsoonthornsit Chawanwit, 2016

The Pursuit of an Innovative Method of Trust with Travelers: An Entrepreneur's Journey into a Web-Based Startup

Richter Danielle, 2016

Access to informal venture capital for student entrepreneurs using a networking approach: The evolvement from initial idea conception to business model formation.

Liu Doreen, 2016

Hybrid Entrepreneur to Part Time Intrapreneur - Solving the Opportunity Cost Dilemma. 'Limbo's' Business Model Journey

Tailor Himalee, 2016

Outdoor Experiential Education in Zibo: The process of developing business model

Sun Jingmin, 2016

Creating a Music for Media Company: An Investigation in to the Stability of the UK Jingle Market

Adkins Katherine, 2016

Initiating the backward vertical integration of a family venture

Tona Kristina, 2016

Transmart: An innovative Perspective to the Indian Trucking Industry. The development of an idea into a Business Model

Agarwal Madhav, 2016

Exploiting the gap in the Prague estate jewellery market: Development of a new retail store concept

Cinolter Matej, 2016

The development of Friends Matcher's business model - a mobile app providing a platform for broadening social network

Cheng Mingyu, 2016

Introducing the high-end condominium project "CENNET Riverside" The development of an initial idea into a business model

Vanakul Nijjira, 2016

Helping Firms Grow Through the Design of an SMEs' Accelerator: the Learning Journey from the Idea to the Business Model

Frigerio Paola, 2016

Establishing rural tourism company as social entrepreneurship in Rongxian: The development of an initial idea into a business model

Zhu Peimin, 2016

FOUND The establishment of a media community for entrepreneurs

Kania Teresa, 2016

Introducing natural and organic beauty brand from the Czech Republic to Thai skin care market: The development of initial idea into a business model.

Sothonchai Thanitha, 2016

Helping Sapa to raise its awareness among travelers: The development of an initial idea into a business model

Giangova Trang, 2016

An Entrepreneurial Effort to Adopt 'Sustainable Construction' in a Family-Run Construction Business: Decision-Making

Agarwal Vipul, 2016

Matcha Cafe: The development of a proposed business idea and its viability in the business model

Thawornwasu Witchayaporn, 2016

The Silver Time - an ideal solution for British older people who live alone to pursue health and independent living: The development of an initial idea into a business Model

Wen Yinan, 2016

Topic and Story Theme Teahouse: The report research and development from business idea to business model

Huang Yiwen, 2016