University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Finance with Risk Management

The Relationship between Financial Reporting Quality and Credit Rating: Evidence from the US market

Mousa Alfarraj, 2018

The Relationship Between Financial Reporting Quality and Credit Rating: Evidence from the US Market

Mousa Alfarraj, 2018

Econometric analysis of the Determinants of Sovereign Credit Ratings: Evidence from the countries of the European Union

Vasiliki Bairaktari, 2018

Can volatility and variance swaps be accurately priced on a small exchange? Searching for the fair strike price within quantitative models

Vegard Bakken, 2018

The impact of corporate credit rating announcement on lenders’ stock market performance

Bowen Chang, 2018

liquidity transmission between Real Estate and Financial Firms in U.S.

Pengfei Chen, 2018

Cryptocurrencies volatility clustering effect and forecast

Boyu Deng, 2018

Research on the Relationship between Capital Structure and Firm Performance of Real Estate Listed Companies in China

Yuwei Gao, 2018

IPO underpricing based on the compensation mix of the CEOs as well as on the firm pay gap.

Sijia Gong, 2018

Analysis of Value Investment Strategy Based on Piotroski' F-SCORE Method

Qiyao Hou, 2018

The Impact of Capital Structure on Firm Performance A study on FTSE100 index

Vrionis Karayiannis, 2018

Study on the role of People’s Bank of China in the liquidity of the Chinese financial market

Tingting Liu, 2018

Liquidity Risk and Asset Pricing: Evidence from the Chinese Stock Market

Xinyi Lou, 2018

The Effect of Asset Securitization on Liquidity Risk in Chinese Commercial Banks

Qian Lu, 2018

The Dynamic Relationship between Property and Stock Market in China

Like Pang, 2018

Cryptocurrency risk and Bitcoin as a new diversification tool.

Lazaros Triantafyllidis, 2018

The effect of exchange rate risks on Chinese exports of trade in services

Songxia Wang, 2018

Important security risk factors in online transactions influencing consumers’ concerns about using e-payment services

Meuanpong Wongkhorsub, 2018

Whether Behavioural Factors could Influence the IPO Underpricing

Xiaomeng Wu, 2018

Nonparametric Pricing of Rainbow Options - A Copula-Based Method

Roujia Nina Zhang, 2018

The impact of corporate credit rating announcement on lenders stock market performance

Bowen Chang, 2018

Empirical investigation of immunization strategy in bond portfolio management - in case of United Kingdom

Zhenshan Tang, 2017

The Role of Insurance Market in Economic Growth

Yuhua Yang, 2017

Evidence from Both Life and Non-Life Insurance in 54 countries

Huajing Yang, 2017

Analyze the Trend of China's Stock Market by Sentiment Analysis Based on Network Public Opinion

Xiaoqian Lin, 2017

The Research On Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure and Influencing Factors of Chinese Listed Commercial Banks

Siyuan Wang, 2017

A Comparison of Active Funds with Passive Funds Performances in the UK Market

Yulu Wang, 2017

Performance of Chinese Stock Open-end Funds - Testing the Carhart Four-factor Model

Xiao Miao, 2017

The Application of Intrinsic Valuation Methods in Individual Listed Pharmaceutical Companies in UK and China

Bowen Liu, 2017

Research on the Determinants and Dynamic Adjustment of Capital Structure of Chinese Listed Firms

Rui Chang, 2017

The impact of capital structure on firm performance: An empirical study of material industry listed companies in China

Xin Huang, 2017

Ethics & Legislation towards Consumers Protection: Businesses, E-commerce & Crowdfunding

Elisavet Ntelopoulou, 2017

Industry Analysis and Company Valuation?The Application of Residual Income Model in the Internet Industry

Xie Huixin, 2016

"Capital structure, executive incentive and firm performance: Evidence from China-listed companies"

Cao Richu, 2016

Syndicate Underwriting and the Extent of Underpricing in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Tack Michael, 2016

The determinants of the leverage decision by banks in a post-crisis environment. The case of Italy.

Giulio Maria Giannetti, 2016

Empirical Investigation of Chinese-styled Shadow Banking Effectiveness on Monetary Policy and Commercial Banks - in the case of China

Xie Chen, 2016