University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Health Psychology

The effectiveness of psycho-educational courses and one-to-one therapies: A service evaluation..

Wing Yin Ho, 2019

The needs, experiences and impact for people accessing Penny Brohn UKs nutrition support services: a service evaluation study

Jordan Neal, 2019

Attention to expressions of pain in men and women.

Shannon Winslade, 2019

Exploring the Barriers to Effective Risk Communication of Food Allergies in Takeaways.

Rebecca Shashoua, 2019

Effects of Alcohol Consumption and Individual Differences in Drinking Motives on Next-Day Anxiety

Theodora Theocharaki, 2019

Smoking in Pregnancy: The Women's Perspective

Simona Avellino, 2019

Assessing the Impact of an Interdisciplinary Group Treatment Programme for Adults with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Anna Hunt, 2019

Developing an understanding of the challenges faced by health and social care professionals managing delirium to inform future training interventions

Gabriela Starek, 2019

Assessing the Feasibility of Conducting Research with Hard-to-Reach Male Drinkers

Sarah Dance, 2019

Parental experiences of adolescent cancer-related distress

Aditi Sharma, 2019

Investigating explicit and implicit attitudes towards Type 2 diabetes

Chelsea Owens, 2019

Pleasure or Pain? Exploring How People with Coeliac Disease Manage the Challenges of Eating Out on a Gluten-free Diet

Amy Jones, 2019

Exploration into clinical staff perceptions of psychological interventions for families with a child diagnosed with a life-limiting condition

Laura Easter, 2018

Trauma-informed mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for domestic abuse survivors with PTSD: counsellors' perceptions

Sophie Bates, 2018

Effects of Working Memory Training on Smoking-related Behaviours in Daily Cigarette Smokers: A Pilot Study

Weiting Xie, 2018

Exploring the acceptability of online screening and testing for sexually transmitted infections to Wiltshire residents

Chloe Johnson, 2018

Using the Psychological Reactance Theory to Explore Factors Associated with the Soft Drinks Industry Levy in Parents

Kam Ling Sabrina Tam, 2018

Telling their story: Exploring future perceptions of adolescents with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Tessa Kate Rugg, 2018

Parenting an adolescent with CRPS: A qualitative investigation of resilience

Danielle Cox, 2018

Exploring wellbeing and the role of social connectedness in Wellbeing College course participants

Isobel Clements, 2018

Investigating facilitators and barriers to adherence to the REtirement in ACtion (REACT) physical activity programme for older adults

Kate Sutton, 2018


Megan Elliott, 2018

An Online survey investigating the relationship between Alcohol Hangover, Presenteeism and WorkplaceProblems

Joe O Brien, 2017

Exploring GPs' experiences of cancer detection in primary care

Sophie Harker, 2017

Exploring the health, wellbeing and support needs of informal carers in Wiltshire.

Emily Jenkins-Pandya, 2017

The Effect of Sex Differences and Pain Deception in the Emotional Prosody of Pain

Imogen Wells, 2017

Exploring the impact of the Penny Brohn UK Living Well Course on people living with or beyond the impact of cancer work or active community role status.

Konstantina Kasimati, 2017

Exploring the Social Context of Axial Spondyloarthritis

Kerry Raybone, 2017

Womens views on what influences their birth choices following a caesarean

Sarah Tabone, 2017

The perceived social support of unpaid adult carers explored through the use of a social mapping tool

Grace Moorton, 2017

Mapping the Public Debate Around the UK Soft Drinks Industry Levy

Kathrin Lauber, 2017

The Integrability of Stroke-Specific Psychological Self-Management into Standard Practice: A Clinical Perspective

Joseph Barker, 2017

The use of physical activity, diet, and behaviour therapy as an alternative to medication for ADHD

Karl Mears, 2016

How to Improve Type 2 Diabetics' General Wellbeing--Exploring the Predictors for Clinical and Psychological Outcomes, as well as Self-Management Beliefs

Yi Wu, 2016


Vincent Sebastian Romero-Aumann, 2016

Exploring the impact of cancer and the impact of counselling on clients attending the We Hear You counselling service

Shannon Amanda Cuthbertson, 2016

Food to die for? The psychosocial processes in food allergic and intolerant consumers eating out experiences

Emma Wilson, 2016

The Effects of Acute Alcohol Consumption on Attentional Biases Towards High Calorie Food Stimuli

Elise Wijk, 2016

Time Perspective and Multidimensional Outcome Expectations in Physical Activity and Health Risk Indicators

Miriam Barber, 2016

First Time Mothers' Experiences of Loneliness

Katharine Ealey, 2016

The Effect of Music and Meditation on Self-reported Stress in Healthy Adults.

Eve Tomlinson, 2016

Priming Gender Roles and Pain: Effects on Catastrophizing and Self-Stigma

Axel Vitterso, 2016

Exploring Carers' Experiences of Social Isolation

Natalie Mitchell, 2015

The meanings of alcohol hangovers and student drinkers' perceived effects of hangovers on their everyday activities

Madeleine Freeman, 2015

Understanding Family/friend informational and support needs when someone they know is admitted to the Acute Stroke Unit

Harshita Borah, 2015

Positive Psychology in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Elizabeth Sheils, 2015

To explore staff perceptions of the ethical challenges of feeding acute stroke patients.

Sarah Thomas, 2015

Pain Matters: a narrative exploration of childrens stories of pain and restitution after physical trauma

Andrea Chavez Cornejo, 2015

An investigation of explicit and implicit attitudes towards Type-2 diabetes mellitus

Samantha Maria Garay, 2015

Exploring the effect of caffeine on tobacco withdrawal

Ellen Cecilia Coughlan, 2015

Visual adaptation effects on judgement of and satisfaction with body size in females with high body dissatisfaction

Heather Allward, 2015

Access and equity in public health: a process evaluation of North Somerset Stop Smoking Service

Charlotte Foulds, 2015

Trauma Memory Disorganisation and Post-Traumatic Stress Symptom Severity in Trauma-Exposed Children

Michael Daly, 2015

The effects of using a smartphone application to increase physical activity in inactive adults

Elaine Genovese, 2015

The Comparative Effectiveness of Cognitive Dissonance versus Information-Based Interventions to Reduce Sugar Intake: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Laura Medina Perucha, 2015

How Do Digital Tools Support the Behavioural Treatment of Young People with Tourette Syndrome?

Aife Walsh, 2015

Investigating the Utility of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Enhancing Adherence to Physical Activity in the Management of Obesity

Ciara Maloney, 2015

A Common Sense Model of illness: Exploring the relationship between patients' expectations, psychological and physical functioning in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME)

Genevieve Quartey, 2015

Improving Patient Activation Levels: A Service Evaluation of the Somerset Community Pain Management Service

Clare Partridge, 2015


Lynn Rhodes-Harrison, 2015


Helen Frankland, 2015

An Exploration into the Drop in Utilisation of Stop Smoking Services: Why Smokers choose to Use E-cigarettes over Stop Smoking Services

Rebecca Crabtree, 2015

A Biopsychosocial Approach in Predicting Self-Management in Type 2 Diabetes

Meron Teferra, 2015

An exploratory study of alcoholic beverages: The impact of calorie labelling in adult social drinkers.

Sian Williamson, 2015

An Exploration of the Role of Resilience in the Illness Experience of Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

Marissa Mes, 2015