University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc International Development

Limitations of the Dominant Definition in International Development

Annalena Bruse-Smith, 2019

Female Genital Mutilation and its Link With Sexual and Reproductive Health and Female Empowerment in Mtwara, Tanzania

Olubunmi Adebayo-Oke, 2019

My experience as Communications Intern for the Centre for Development Studies, and a critical analysis of Performance Measurement, the Research Excellence Framework and how this applies to CDS

Chloe Newman, 2019

The contested debate of Education and Women Empowerment: Does Formal Education Empower the Women of Pakistan?

Navroza Ali, 2019

Integrated landscape approaches: success factors for improving human wellbeing

Joanna Lawrence, 2018

Agrifood Imperialism: Has Evo Morales forgotten about indigenous peoples and surrendered against the powerful GM Soybean?

Maria Cristina Montero De Espinosa, 2018

Financing the future of agricultural development: How can finance be maximised for the development of Dairy Value chains in East Africa

Alexander Simons, 2018

Has the introduction of the School Sector Development Plan impacted teacher development and student achievement in secondary education? Evidence from 3 public schools in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Rhys Birdy, 2018

Is there scope for effective evaluation of private sector delivery of market systems agricultural development programmes? A case study of Zimbabwe

Imogen Mullett, 2018

Revisiting Human Security: A framework for improved United Kingdom development and security integration in conflict intervention?

Ian Tinsley, 2018

Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in Indonesia and the Global Production Network of Mercury

Lydia Rowland, 2017

Rural Water Policy & Governance

William Puyo, 2017

Power and Policy: The Political Economy of Renewable Electricity Expansion in South Africa

Robert de Bruyn, 2017

To What Extent has the Political Assertion of the Lower Castes led to Greater Democratisation in India?A case-study of the Lower Caste Politics in Bihar.

Riad Azam, 2017

Leaving No One Behind: Climbing out of Poverty through agriculture in Ghana. A Case Study Case of Ghana Commercial Agriculture project.

Jonathan Hagan, 2017

Does capacity building of local politicians address the accountability gaps in local governments? the case of decentralized education services in Uganda

Simon Rubangakene, 2017

To what extent does the current assessment ofMGNREGA enable an accurate determination of howthe programme has reduced multi-dimensional povertyin rural India?

Benjamin Lines, 2017

How are indigenous environmental protests framed in the media?: The case of the Dakota Access pipeline.

Zoe Tooker, 2017

Can small-scale farmers be protected in Sierra Leone within the context of accelerated land appropriation for large-scale agricultural production?

Karen Binns, 2016

How and to what extent can the mobile phone reduce gendered vulnerabilities and build community resilience in the South Asian disaster management cycle?

Rebecca Smith, 2016


Lamiya Ahmed, 2016

CSR Initiatives with NGO Cooperation for Water Sustainability

Risako Matsui, 2016

A discourse analysis of the Indian Immoral Traffic Protection Act and the UN Trafficking Protocol: To what extent are the labels used to describe trafficked women in these documents problematic?

Jennifer Hamlet, 2016

How might supranational 'green-keeping' forces in Africa's protected areas be legitimised within a heritage-security-development nexus?

Sian Ann Seabrook, 2016

How has the rise of global environmental issues encouraged a paradigm shift from linearity to relationality in development thinking?

Jessica Verdon, 2016

The Tortoise and the Hare: Different Ways to Run the Race for Financial Inclusion. What has driven the growth of mobile money in Tanzania and why is its path so different to that of Kenya?

Sally Jones-Evans, 2016

The uneven road institutional formation towards public-private partnerships: lessons from the Ghanaian road sector

Robert Alexander Ungethuem, 2015

Development in theory and practice:The Practitioner as the missing link

Mary Elizabeth Allan, 2015

To what extent can Japanese culture be said to have influenced Japanese Brazilian agricultural methods? How could these methods be applied to wider Brazilian agricultural needs?

Charles Alan Mortimer Waine, 2015

Refugee protection in Malaysia: Shifting towards a security concern in policy and practice?

Nurdiyana Baharum, 2015

Chinese Engagement in Africa: An Analysis of Ethiopias Eastern Industrial Zone as a Strategy for Unbalanced Growth

Asteya Percaya, 2015