University of Bath

Masters dissertations

MSc Marketing

Is Red Riding Hood Really Empowered? A Femme Fatale, A Wolf and Everything in Between: A Critical Feminist Approach

Sara AL Dada, 2018

Does the manipulation of colour-brightness in a web-atmosphere influence consumers' cognitive perception of Brand Personality, Brand Trust and Site-attractiveness?

Erangie Kulatilaka, 2018

Acculturation on East Asian female: the influences on perceptions of ideal beauty and consumer behaviour

Mihyun Ahn, 2018

Impacts of Review Valences on Uncertainty Decreasing, Product Evaluation and Purchase Intention with Product Type as Moderator

Yanxia Liu, 2018

Exploring the Effect of Augmented Reality (AR) Experiential Marketing on Experiential Value.


Exploring the consumer-brand relationship in millennials: Do millennials have the same brand relationships as Fournier suggested in 1998?

Chin-Chu Wei, 2018

Static or animation? The effect of the animated "Buy It Now" icon on consumers' purchase intention

Qi Li, 2018

The Relationship between Online Product Description, Online Dynamic Display and Consumers' Purchase Intention of Cosmetics: The Mediating Role of Virtual Tactility

Yingxue Liu, 2018

The different response of Thai millennials toward macro influencer and micro influencer who are beauty vloggers on YouTube and the characteristics that lead to changes in consumers' attitudes

Wanvibha Pratoommuang, 2018

Measuring Advertising Appeals Across Cultures: A Comparative Content Analysis of Online Advertising Between UK and East Asia

Dianzhe Zhou, 2018

The relationship between in-game advertising format and brand attitude in mobile game among Chinese gamers: Mediating role of game-brand congruity


Self-Branding on Instagram: How Micro-Influencers Market their Self

Athina Vlachopoulou, 2018

Does the manipulation of in-store light brightness have an effect on consumer's purchase behavior and sales?

Omer Al-Amerecany, 2018

The sustainable nature of artisan clothing brands and how they can promote themselves to change Millennials' purchasing decisions: An exploratory study

Boryana Pencheva, 2018

The Menstruation Taboo: A phenomenological analysis of Bodyform's #bloodnormal and Always' #likeagirl campaigns

Joanna Hailey, 2018

The measurement of the motive to use dating apps in two cultures

Po-Hsun Hsu, 2018

A practical investigation of the relationship between corporate brand architecture and encompassing brand strategy, and the performance of gaming category divisions with technology peripheral manufacturers

Alexander Mcculloch, 2017

Exploring How Different Types of Negative eWOM Influence Consumer's Attitude and Intention to Restaurant.

Yingqi Liu, 2017

More than a colour: The effects of red packaging on customer engagement

Sukollapath Noppun, 2017

The Impact of Social Media Influencer Advertisement on Individuals' Purchase Intentions: An Investigation of WeChat Individual Official Account

Yuan Zhuang, 2017

Research on Factors that Inluence Consumer Switching Behavior of Mobile Game Applications in China

Huixin Su, 2017

The Effect of Celebrity Endorsement and Product Release Strategies on Online Traffic and Purchase Behavior

Yu-Ting Hung, 2017

What are the drivers and barriers of online shopping that affect older Chinese consumers in clothing industry?

Chao Zheng, 2017

Consumers' motivations, attitudes and behavioural intentions towards subscription-box services.

Ludmilla Prevost, 2017

Factors Influencing E-loyalty of Online Original Fashion Brands in China

Lijun Ma, 2017


Manisha Sadashiva Shetty, 2017

Consumer Buying Behaviour towards Luxury Brands: A Case Study of the Indian Luxury Market

Dhruvi Doshi, 2017

Are women locked in? An investigation into the consumption of menstrual products

Camilla Smith-Meyer, 2017

Research on the Impact of Enterprise's Micro-Blogging Marketing on Consumers Purchase Intention in China

Yuejun Zeng, 2017

Acculturation and Social Identity: An Empirical Study of Thai Consumers in the UK

Chutinanta Boonyamarn, 2017

The Disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: The Effects of Corporate Communications and the Media on Corporate Reputation in the Event of a Crisis

Adriana Leyh, 2017

Comparison between the marketing power of celebrity endorser and YouTuber: The effect of sources on consumer's purchase intention for luxury beauty industry in Hong Kong

Tsz Yi Jayla Wong, 2017

The effect of Electronic word of mouth on the purchasing decisions of consumers: The case of the Tanzanian Tourist industry

Jaspreet Dhariwal, 2017

Online Customer Experience and Service Quality Measurement: A Context of Amazon India

Anushka Dixit, 2017

Celebrity endorsement and its effect on consumer purchase intention and willingness to spend more

Irene Hang, 2017

The Impact of Country of Origin and Brand Personality on Consumer Attitude and Purchase Intention in the Automobile Industry: An Emerging Market Analysis

Mohammad Iqbal, 2017

Uncovering drivers of loyalty to pharmacies: The case of infant nutrition in Switzerland

Tobias Bowen, 2017

Which factors affect scepticism towards green advertising in the fast fashion industry?

Manon Rouze, 2017

IT IS NOT BAD TO BE BAD: Anti-consumption and Brand Avoidance as tools for marketers to reduce expenses on rebranding and repositioning of products and services.

Tolkach Alena, 2016

What are the key factors that encourage consumer's purchase intention towards online shopping of branded clothes in Thailand?

Wittanakorn Amarat, 2016

What factors will affect the growth of integrated omni-channel retail amongst urban youth in India?

Sankhe Anuj, 2016


Chandna Ayush, 2016

Exploring the perception of foreign luxury brands held by Millennials/Gen Y residents of the UAE

Zakaria Bilal Irfan, 2016

Building and Experiencing a Handmade Brand in Cyprus: A Case of Brand Authenticity

Andronicou Eleni, 2016

Consumer Privacy in the era of Big Data: A clash between consumers and organisations in the understanding of the concept

Ivanko Elizaveta, 2016

The Influence of 'Touristic Factors' on the Pre-Purchase Decision Process of International Students

McManus Grant, 2016

Exploration of sub-ethnic groups' consumer acculturation on identity formation

Shepherd Isabella, 2016

But Everyone Else Is Doing It Comparing the Effects of Different Social Norms in Print Advertisements on the Snack Choice of Children and Adolescents across Gender and Different Age Groups

Schuring Jennifer, 2016

The impact of the valence of WOM and other determinants on the box-office revenue in the Chinese movie market

Jin Linlin, 2016

Triple Acculturation of Adolescent Refugees in Germany

Amann Mareike, 2016

Would Consumers Give a Second Chance to a Start-Up Which Implements Cause-Related Marketing? The CRM Diamond: A Guide for Designing a CRM campaign

Dinov Mitko, 2016

The motivation behind Cosmopolitan Millennial Consumers' engagement in Sustainable Consumption

Le Thao Nguyen Vo, 2016

What influences consumers to switch cosmetic brands? The effect of variety-seeking and product level-category characteristics on switching behaviour

Asavayonchai Pakaporn, 2016

Exploring how social identity and consumer ethnocentrism influence Taiwanese people choosing low-cost airlines

Chen Po-Chen, 2016

An exploratory study of the values and motivations behind footwear customization consumption in China

Yue Rong, 2016

Youth Entrepreneurship in Greece: An application of The Theory of Planned Behaviour among young Greek individuals

Paschou Sandy, 2016

The formation of Consumers' Loyalty in O2O retailing in the Chinese Beauty Industry

Li Siying, 2016

Building Brand Associations Through Branded Content in Social Media: A Study of Shopping Mall Marketing in Thailand in the Context of the Use of Instagram

Srisaranon Suchaya, 2016

Factors Influencing Thai Consumers' Purchase Intention towards Global Cosmetics Brands Online

Ploypairoj Sujintra, 2016

A Study on Female Purchasing Behaviours: The Case of Taiwanese Fashion Blog Fans

Yin-Yi Ho, 2016

Celebrity effect on consumer's engagement with product-related content in online community: A Netnographic Research in Sina Weibo

Chen Yiru, 2016

The Impact of Emotional Appeal in Packaging on building Customer-Based Brand Equity: Use the packaging of 'Wei-Chuan Daily C' as an example

Yang Yujing, 2016