Department of Marketing & Communications

Visual Identity

The Visual Identity Standards outline a number of fundamental areas of importance to ensure that the look and feel of our communications complements the University’s brand values.

We have established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading universities. We have gained international recognition for teaching and research which is reflected in our consistently high rankings and accreditations.

Given our strong, market-leading position it is important for us to present a consistent and distinctive image to our audiences and stakeholders. We must ensure that the representation of our brand and the basic elements of our Visual Identity are always used coherently and correctly.

On this page

Print Visual Identity

The elements of the Print Visual Identity are maintained by Imaging, Design & Print Services.

The University logo

Follow our guidance on how to use the University logo correctly and download EPS, TIF and PNG formats, depending on which you need.

Colour Palette


Arial should be used on all digital and Microsoft applications, including internal documents and PowerPoint presentations.

Promotional graphics

From time to time we create promotional graphics for awards we've won and special events.

The NSS joint 1st 

In 2014 we were awarded Joint 1st place for Student Satisfaction in the National Student Survey (NSS).

1st in The Student Experience Survey 2015 

We were 1st in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey.

Online Visual Identity

The elements of the Online Visual Identity are maintained by Digital Marketing & Communications.

If you're working on our website or creating University branded mobile apps the Online Visual Identity content on the wiki will help you create digital assets that are consistent with our brand.

Approval process for new designs

Different teams within the Marketing Department have responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the the University brand. 

  • The design of web pages are created by Digital Marketing and Communications.
  • Designs for printed or sewn materials (including uniforms, signage, promotional materials, gifts and memorabilia) are created by Imaging, Design & Print Services.

There are cases, strictly subject to approval, where new designs may be created by other people or organisations within or outside the University. You must contact the relevant head of team to discuss your plans before committing any resource to creating new designs.