Public Engagement

Engaging those with ADHD

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Project contact:

Dr Thanos Verousis (School of Management) -; 01225 386314


  • Brisol Adult ADHD Support Group
  • Volunteers with ADHD

Engagement activity:

Informing plans for a multidisciplinary research project on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and risk aversion through listening to the experiences of those with the condition and the charities that provide ADHD support.

Project summary

The purpose of this project was twofold; to enable both people with ADHD and the charities that support them to voice their experiences regarding how ADHD may potentially be linked with certain financial risk-taking activities, and to provide a platform at the University to facilitate the development of a multidisciplinary project on ADHD and risk aversion.

As a quantitative researcher, this was Thanos' first experience of a qualitative approach. He met with ten attendees of the Bristol ADHD Support Group and conducted four one-to-one interviews with people who hadn't been at the Support Group meeting but who had responded to an advert of the Group's website for project participants.

Following this engagement, Thanos is now writing up funding proposals for research on the extent of a possible correlation between ADHD and financial activities. He has also become a member of the University's newly-established Neuroeconomics Research Group which provides an obvious outlet for this type of research interest.

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For further details on the project including the benefits to the researchers and the publics, things they would do differently and their top tips, download the case study.