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Bath Matters 

Bath Matters
Attendees at Bath Matters co-created a dinner whilst discussing issues related to an ageing population

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An innovative evening aimed at generating conversation amongt diverse stakeholders on an issue of shared interest; essentailly, a more creative version of a roundtable discussion.

Project summary

Bath Matters was a pilot theatre-based evening event which used food and cooking to bring people together to explore the issues of ageing. Voluntary organisations, researchers, charities, and a public interest care home were all present.

Each participant was asked to bring an ingredient. The group then devised and cooked dishes collaboratively with the Unfinished Business theatre company hosting and curating the event. In this role, the company managed discussions and solicited thoughts, comments and questions.

This innovative format for gathering local stakeholders' thoughts and opinions on a shared issue of interest provides a fresh take on roundtable discussion events. A template has been devised for researchers who might wish to deliver a similar event; it includes costings that would be helpful as part of a Pathways to Impact statement.

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For further details on the project including the benefits to the researchers and the publics, things they would do differently and their top tips, see the project case study and associated template.