Public Engagement

Participatory Video-making

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Project case study

Project contact:

Nicola De Martini Ugolotti (Department for Health) -

  • Young men (aged 18 - 21) practicing capoeira and parkour
  • Professional video-makers
Engagement activity:

A process of evaluative participatory video-making in which research participants discussed and recorded amongst themselves and with others their experiences of the participatory video-making process.

Project summary

This project stemmed from a doctoral piece of research that explores the role of the body and space amongst young men of migrant origin negotiating their identity and social positioning through capoeira and parkour in public spaces of Turin, Italy. As part of the research, a participatory documentary about participants' practices and lives was made. Participatory video methods represent a means of data collection and analysis which look to overcome power differentials between researcher and researched and that reduce the reliance on words in both gathering data and in representing respondents' perspectives in social research. They also aim to engage participants in a dialogical and self-reflexive process.

This project looked to evaluate the use of participatory video methods through a further piece of participatory video production that enabled the original research participants to discuss and record amongst themselves and with their familites and friends their experiences of the initial participatory video project. The research participants took control of the creative process, choosing whom to interview, where, and with what questions.

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For further details on the project including the benefits to the researcher and the publics, things they would do differently and their top tips, download the project case study