Public Engagement

Stakeholder Panels

Dr Sally Adams used one of the Stakeholder Panels to inform her emergent research on the alcohol hangover

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  • Members of the public who are smokers and drinkers

Engagement activity:

Establishing and running two stakeholder panels of smokers and drinkers to gather their thoughts on relevant research-related issues and to inform plans for future research.

Project summary

Each of the stakeholder panels for this project comprised up to 20 smokers and drinkers. The first panel examined smokers' attitudes and thoughts on some research published on the TobaccoTactics website. This research included exploring anti-plain packaging messages from industry and a recent cigarette marketing campaign that had been accused of targeting young people. The second panel examined factors associated with alcohol use and alcohol hangover to inform new research in this area.

The panels therefore served two purposes - eliciting people's thoughts and opinions on existing research and using their lived experiences to inform the development of new research questions, measurements and interventions.

Panels took place in The Guild (a location in the centre of Bath) and ran from 6.30 - 9pm so that people could come after work. Panel members were provided with a buffet-style meal and received a £20 voucher for their time.

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For further details on the project including the benefits to the researchers and the publics, things they would do differently and their top tips, download the case study.

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