Public Engagement

Virtual Exploration Exhibit

A visitor exploring the discovery dome

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Project case study

Project contact:

John Tredinnick (Department of Computer Science) -


  • The National Trust
  • Public visitors to the exhibit

Engagement activity:

Trialling an immersive 360 degree dome projection system depicting the archaeological discovery of Chedworth Roman Villa. 

Project summary

This project led by John Tredinnick, a postgraduate researcher in the University's Centre for Digital Entertainment, involved devising and trialling an immersive virtual exploration exhibit (a so-called 'discovery dome') depicting the archaeological discovery of The National Trust's Chedworth Roman Villa. 

Alongside demonstrating the potential of such technology for visitor interpretation at heritage sites, the project involved the collection of data from visitors in order to reveal future research paths that could be undertaken with the system. Over 5000 visitors had a go with the exhibit, and 500 surveys were completed to inform future research.

The project received extensive coverage through the University news pages, local news sites and regional TV news

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For further details on the project including the benefits to the researchers and the publics, things they would do differently and their top tips, download the case study.

Watch an Ignite talk about the exhibit: