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Thinking of studying maths?

For more information on our undergraduate courses, including entry requirements, please see Mathematical Sciences on our Course Search.

Why study maths at Bath?

There is a wide diversity of undergraduate mathematics courses in the UK and these courses vary in terms of both breadth and depth, the degree of mathematical formalism involved, and the extent to which mathematical subjects may be combined with other disciplines.

Studying maths at Bath has the advantage that you do not have to commit to a particular type of course until you have completed your first year of study. There are several different maths courses but all share a common first year and the entry requirements. Applicants should feel free to apply for any of our courses through UCAS, because the real decisions will not be made until much later.

The first year is an introduction to university mathematics:

  • Pure Mathematics is about abstract reasoning, and the formal study of analysis (calculus) and algebra will start immediately.
  • Applied Mathematics is not such a sharp change of direction as that which arises in Pure Maths, but the techniques rapidly become ingenious as the problems become more challenging.
  • Probability and statistics are introduced as serious mathematical disciplines and we teach computer programming and discrete mathematics via the interplay between the two subjects.

In subsequent years, we introduce much more flexibility so you can choose to pursue your mathematical education in those fields which you feel are most suited to your talent, ambitions and interests. You can include study of some courses from other disciplines such as finance, management or a language along with opportunities to spend a year in commerce or industry or to spend a year studying abroad. Thus your degree can be tailored to the right blend of breadth and depth for you.

Our Mathematics students all share excellent qualifications, so you will find that your colleagues are just as interested in the subject as you are. We also welcome a number of well-qualified international students who bring their diverse and rich cultures to the social mix.

Optional Placement Year

We offer the opportunity of a fully-supported, one-year placement with a prestigious employer after your second year. Support is offered throughout the application process and whilst you are on placement. Placements provide professional skills and experience and can be invaluable in helping you to find a job or further training after graduation.

The opportunity to earn a full salary during the programme is another big bonus!