Department of Mathematical Sciences

First exchange student arrives from Mexican institution

08 February 2016

The first Mexican exchange student has joined the Department of Mathematical Sciences following a newly signed agreement between Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and the University of Bath.

Mexican_exchange_SAMBaLizbeth Peñaloza Velasco is joining the Department as a master’s student. As part of the agreement, students have the opportunity to move between the two institutions for a semester taking high level mathematics courses, working with the academic staff and experiencing a different culture.

The agreement builds on a long term relationship with the Department of Mathematical Sciences and UNAM, and follows a delegation that visited Mexico in April 2015.

Lizabeth said: "Coming to the University of Bath is a new experience. It gives me the opportunity to know another culture and new people, to speak another language, to know a different education system and, generally, to develop my professional and personal growth."

Her visit is part of a whole range of student-focused activities with Mexican institutions, most notably the BUC series of workshops where training activities across the institutions of Bath, UNAM and CIMAT are run by students.

Image: Dorka Fekete and Bati Sengul welcome Lizabeth to Bath