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Dr John G Rogers



John Rogers is a Research Associate specialising in the use of solar technologies and micro combined heat and power systems.  He is investigating the use of groups of low carbon heating and generation technologies to provide the energy needs of single households and small neighbourhoods.

After 30 years in the Electricity Supply Industry, John accepted a redundancy deal and studied for a PhD at Aston University with a thesis on 'a techno-economic assessment of the use of fast pyrolysis bio-oil from UK energy crops in the production of electricity and combined heat and power'. 

In 2011, John Joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath working on the SUPERGEN Highly Distributed Energy Futures project.  This project looks at the options for satisfying peoples energy needs using distributed energy sources rather than centralised sources and the possible impact this may have on the existing power supply infrastructure.


John's research focuses on domestic energy use in the UK, specifically looking at short term heating and electricity demands and ways of supplying them.  This identifies storage or load aggregation techniques needed to balance supply and demand when either the load or source has a stochastic nature.  His research has included investigation into:

  • The use of PV for local generation and carbon offsetting
  • The utility of the UK FIT payments for PV generation
  • Maximising the use of solar water heating in the UK
  • Using micro CHP units with auxiliary boilers and thermal store to minimise CO² emissions
  • Using micro CHP units with heat pumps to overcome electricity distribution systems constraint while reducing CO² emission
  • Integrating solar water heating with micro CHP units.

John uses public domain information to provide data for spread sheet models used in this research.


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