Leading energy research from Bath shared with China

An international delegation from the Shangdong Electric Power Company, a subsection of China’s State Grid Company responsive for power transmission and distribution for Shangdong Provance, has recently visited the University  to learn from the cutting-edge energy research taking place. 

The visitors came to learn from academics in the Faculty of Engineering about the recent and future technology research being carried out in the field of sustainable energy generation and supply. 

They were also interested in the technological advances that have been made to ensure energy distribution in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. 

Professor Furong Li organised the visit, and Dr Tim Mays, Director of the Institute of Sustainable Energy and Environment, hosted the guests. Professor Li said: “We have done a huge amount of work here in Bath to develop the technology involved in energy generation, supply and distribution. 

The delegation were keen to learn about the UK's energy generation and handling technologies.

The delegation were keen to learn about the UK's energy technologies.


“I have personally worked very closely with Western Power Distribution over the past seven years to develop a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by the industry, and to establish technological advances to overcome these. 

“Our Chinese visitors were very interested to learn about distribution network operation and planning practice in the UK, particuilarly in relation to maintaining high supply reliability and the new network charge technologies adopted by Western Power Distribution. 

“We discussed the possibility of a knowledge transfer project with China and potential collaboration between Shangdong Electric Power Company, Shangdong University and University of Bath in the field of Smart Distribution Systems.” 

The delegation included six senior professionals from Shangdong Electric Power Company. Professor Li said: “Carrying out research in this field is always fascinating and we’re constantly improving the technologies used. Being given the opportunity to transfer that knowledge and see it have an impact around the world is extremely encouraging for us as a research team, and essential for future global energy management.” 


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