Centre for Pain Research

New survey to help find out how masculinity and femininity influence how we cope with pain

Researchers are looking for men and women aged 18 and over to complete a short, online survey.

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How do we experience and cope with pain?

A new study launched this week is looking to understand more about the differences in how men and women express pain and how this might impact on their overall health.

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Pain management research

Professor Chris Eccleston has been conducting research into pain management that has shown different people experience pain in different ways.

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Centre for Pain Research

We are an international and interdisciplinary centre aimed at discovery, innovation, and technology development for the control of pain.

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Attentional processes in pain perception

Attentional processes in pain perception, with a focus on the discovery of new analgesic endpoints.

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Children in pain

The Centre for Pain Research is growing and developing their portfolio in child and family pain management.

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Producing high quality systematic reviews, as part of the Pain Palliative and Supportive Care review group (PaPaS).

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Individual differences in pain

Centre for Pain researchers seek to understand how people differ in their experience and response to pain, and why.

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Developing and evaluating technological aids that support the management of long term health conditions.

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