Centre for Pain Research

Research resources

We have developed some Research Resources as part of the Centre for Pain Research. The resources include:

  • Bath Adolescent Pain Questionnaire - adolescent report (BAPQ)
  • Bath Adolescent Pain Questionnaire - parent report (BAPQ-P)
  • Bath Adolescent Pain Questionnaire for the impact of pain on parents (BAP-PIQ)
  • Pain Catastrophizing Scale (child and parent)
  • Quality rating scale
  • Bath Assessment of Walking Inventory
  • Cognitive Intrusion and Pain Dominance scale - English (CIPD)
  • Bath Emotion and Pain Posture Stimuli (BEPPS)
  • The Experience of Cognitive Intrusion of Pain Scale (ECIP)

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Our Research Resources are free and available for you to use, however we would appreciate if you provided some information about how they are used for our monitoring purposes.

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