Centre for Pain Research

Bath Tap 2

This research has now concluded

Students conducting experiment in lab

Bath Tap 2 is the second phase of the Bath Tap project, funded by Reckitt Benckiser. Bath Tap 2 commenced in March 2010 and will finish in March 2013.

Pain interrupts attentional performance and interferes with normal life. After a decade of experimental study we have a good understanding of the factors that predict interruption. We believe that interruption of performance may be a better measure of the costs of pain that self-report of its qualities. Taking this further, we argue that the return of attentional performance may be the best measure of analgesic function. In this study we are isolating the most reliable method of measuring the analgesia mediated return of attentional function, and we have named this measure BathTAP.

Professor Chris Eccleston is leading the project, Dr Ed Keogh is Co-Investigator and Dr Dave Moore is the Research Officer assigned to this project.