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Bath Test of Attention to Pain 3

This research has now concluded

Man suffering with headacheGiven the lifetime prevalence of everyday headache pain, ranging from 30-78% of the general population (according to the International Headache Society, 2003), it is important to study more about whether it has negative effects on attentional processes in broader populations.

This research is part of a journey mapping the effects of pain on cognition, with the longer term aim of studying the repair of disrupted functioning.

Research being conducted

We are recruiting approximately 250 people, who are identified by their GP as everyday headache suffers, or who self-identify in response to community and pharmacist recruitment.

We will test participants twice, when in pain and when pain-free, on paper and computer based non-invasive tasks, to measure the effects of pain on performance. We will also conduct brief interviews regarding people’s experiences of pain and of study participation.

We are extending the successful Bath TAP 2 laboratory tests to test in the field for this study as well.

About the project

Bath TAP 3 is the third phase of the Bath TAP project, funded by Reckitt Benckiser. The third phase commenced in March 2013 and will finish in March 2015.

Bath TAP 3 aims to extend the successful work done in Bath TAP 2 which showed that naturally occurring pain (everyday tension-type headache and menstrual pain) reduces the speed and accuracy of attentional processes in certain populations (Moore et al., in press).

We now aim to research whether everyday headache pain affects attentional processes in a large, community sample.

Research team