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Dr Denise Taylor


Developing the evidence base for lay and professional perspectives of medicines used for mental health conditions especially dementia.

Evaluation of service delivery models for delivering mental health medicines.

Developing the evidence base for pharmacist practitioners in the delivery of medicines to individuals; especially those taking mental health medications.

Exploring the role of medicines on wellbeing and the wider aspects of public mental health.

Mental Health and Pharmacy


People with dementia should receive the most appropriate treatments available with a holistic approach to their medicines usage inline with social and psychological factors. Expertise is needed in recognising iatrogenesis and other key factors of ageing which may also lead to increased susceptibility to adverse events. Pharmacists have a potentially huge role in: targeted medication review and clinical management; patients’ advocacy; evidence-based practice; patient and carer education, and dementia prevention.

Maintaining, Improving and Promoting Good Mental Health

Pharmacists in primary and secondary care have an important role in the promotion of good mental health for all. Pharmacists also need to recognise the early symptoms of mental health problems so that sufferers can be referred appropriately and be supported to make informed, objective decisions about their own medicines and care.

Teaching Research

Development and evaluation of innovative teaching methods in clinical pharmacy and prescribing skills.

Pharmacist Prescribing and Clinical Skills

As Programme Lead for Pharmacist Prescribing I know that the core skills needed of a clinical pharmacist are rapidly changing. With my knowledge of how experiential programme design can enhance student learning and increase competence and confidence I have been able to design successful and popular innovative courses at both postgraduate and undergraduate level.


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