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Our team has overall responsibility for procurement within the University of Bath including:

  • providing the professional and strategic lead on procurement
  • coordinating corporate contracts and purchasing arrangements
  • establishing and maintaining effective policy; strategy, processes and competencies
  • supporting departments in their procurement activities
  • managing overall procurement performance.

The University has an annual purchasing spend of approximately £90million and is committed to:

  1. Achieving Value for Money (VfM) for stakeholders.
  2. Developing the appropriate relationship with its suppliers.

The University achieves these goals by ensuring that everything - from pencils to multi-million pound projects - is purchased effectively and efficiently.

Suppliers and contracts

Our team actively develops relationships with suppliers, providing contracting opportunities for supplies, services and works which can be applied for through the tendering process. All our procurement processes are designed to ensure that we do business in an open, fair and transparent way.

Sustainability and ethics

The University is committed to procuring in a sustainable manner, and has been developing the Sustainable Procurement Policy and action plan.

All trading by the University adheres to our code of ethics.