Department of Psychology

Jessica Brander

Placement at Metropolitan Police Service

Jessica Brander profileI spent my placement year with the Metropolitan Police Service in London, working as a Research Analyst. My role primarily involved liaising with stakeholders to design and manage various research projects. I inputted and analysed statistical data, completing reports for the stakeholders and ensuring that recommendations were communicated clearly so that the research could have a significant impact on future service delivery.

I feel that my placement has benefited me in a number of ways. Through advising external researchers regarding the methodologies and ethics of their proposals, I have become proficient at critiquing my own work. Engaging with customers and working in a dynamic team environment has boosted my confidence significantly, which will help me in interviews and presenting my work to others. My statistical knowledge has also been broadened, and I have had the unique opportunity to obtain crime data for my dissertation, which will investigate the impact of mental health on violent re-offending.

My placement at the Metropolitan Police Service has been everything I expected and more. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and learnt not only about the Criminal Justice System, the world of research and the routine of working life outside of University, but also about myself and my ambitions for the future.