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External examining

Guidance for External Examiners

If you are an External Examiner appointed to an undergraduate or taught postgraduate programme, see our guidance for External Examiners.

We attach great importance to peer review from External Examiners as a key means of ensuring that:

  • the academic standards of our awards and their component parts are set and maintained at the appropriate level, and that the standards of student performance are properly judged against this;
  • the final assessment process accurately measures student achievement against intended learning outcomes, and is rigorous, fair and fairly operated, and in line with our Regulations and policies;
  • we are able to compare the standard of our awards with those of other higher education institutions;
  • our provision is continuously enhanced to reflect developments in the sector, institution and discipline.

Departments must appoint at least one External Examiner to all programmes of study. The appointment of External Examiners must comply with criteria set out in the QA Code of Practice and be approved by Boards of Studies.  

 Full details of the appointment, role and reporting of External Examiners are covered in:

See the Key responsibilities of the External Examiner for the a summary of expectations of the role.

You have access to the External Examiners' report for your programme and the department's response.