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Seminars and visitors

Our seminars are usually held on Mondays at 13:15 in room 4W 1.7. If you wish to find out more, please contact Marcel Ortgiese or Cécile Mailler. Roughly twice a year we run a joint seminar with the University of Bristol, called the Bath-Bristol Probability Colloquium. To visit the dedicated webpage click here.

11 Sep 2019
Note: Weds
Andris Gerasimovics
Imperial College London
Rough PDEs and Hörmander’s theorem for SPDEs
30 Sep 2019 Ernesto Mordecki
CMAT, Uruguay
Optimal stopping for diffusions with discontinuous coefficients
07 Oct 2019 Milton Jara
IMPA, Rio de Janeiro
Viscous Burgers equation as scaling limit of WASEP
14 Oct 2019 Jeff Steif
University of Gothenburg
Fortuin-Kastelyn type representations for Threshold Gaussian and Stable Vectors: aka Divide and Color processes
24 Oct 2019
Note: Thurs 11.15 5W2.4
Júlia Komjáthy
Eindhoven University of Technology
How to stop explosion by penalising transmission to hubs
24 Oct 2019
Note: Thurs
Tim Hulshof
Eindhoven University of Technology
Random walk on barely supercritical branching random walk
28 Oct 2019 Robin Stephenson
University of Oxford
The scaling limit of a critical random directed graph
04 Nov 2019 Jon Peterson
Purdue University
Quantitative CLT for random walks in balanced random environments
11 Nov 2019 Kari Heine
University of Bath
Parallelising particle approximations to Feyman-Kac formulae for Hidden Markov models via butterfly interactions
18 Nov 2019 Alex Mijatovic
University of Warwick
Invariance principles for local times in regenerative settings
09 Dec 2019 Tadahiro Oh
University of Edinburgh
On singular stochastic wave equations
13 Jan 2020 Bastien Mallein
Paris XIII
A continuous-time version of the Derrida-Retaux model
20 Jan 2020 Bruno Schapira
Aix-Marseille University
Capacity of the range of a random walk
23 Jan 2020
Note: Thurs 5W2.4
Laura Eslava
UNAM, Mexico
Branching processes with merges and locality of hypercube's critical percolation
07 Feb 2020
Note: Fri
Joachim Krug
University of Köln
The paths not taken: Evolutionary accessibility in random fitness landscapes
10 Feb 2020 Cyril Labbé
Paris Dauphine
Mixing points on an interval
17 Feb 2020 Fiona Skerman
Bristol / Uppsala
Edge-sampling and modularity
24 Feb 2020 Sebastian Andres
University of Cambridge
Local limit theorems for the random conductance model
02 Mar 2020 Ofer Busani
University of Bristol
16 Mar 2020 Emmanuel Schertzer
Paris VI
19 Mar 2020
Note: Thurs
Béatrice de Tilière
Paris Dauphine
23 Mar 2020 Ewain Gwynne
University of Cambridge
30 Mar 2020 Guillaume Barraquand
ENS Paris
27 Apr 2020 Gonçalo dos Reis
University of Edinburgh
04 May 2020 Claire Delplancke
University of Bath
11 May 2020 Dimitris Cheliotis
University of Athens
18 May 2020 Julia Boettcher

Prob-L@B Internal Monthly Seminar

Our internal seminar is usually held on the last Thursday of the month, at 12.15pm in the 4W level 4 social space. For more information please contact Sarah Penington.

31 Oct 2019 - Hendrik Weber - Statistical Mechanics with Boué, Dupuis and Gubinelli
21 Nov 2019 - Martin Prigent - Exceptional times of transience for a simple symmetric random walk
27 Feb 2020 – Daniel Kious - TBA
26 Mar 2020 – Alice Callegaro - TBA
30 Apr 2020 – Minwei Sun - TBA
28 May 2020 – Bas Lodewijks - TBA

2020 international visitors to the Probability Laboratory

31.08.19 - 22.02.20 Milton Jara (IMPA, Rio de Janeiro)
13.01.20 - 17.01.20 Bastien Mallein (Sorbonne University, Paris)
16.03.20 - 20.03.20 Emmanuel Schertzer (Sorbonne University, Paris)
11.05.20 - 15.05.20 Dimitrios Cheliotis (University of Athens)

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