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Research Project Management Service

The Research Project Management Service (RPMS) within RIS offers professional project management support from qualified staff using PRINCE2 methodology or similar.

Academic staff can have more time for research with the support of RPMS, the cost of which can be written into externally funded projects as welcomed by most funders.

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Support Services

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Please also refer to the benefits on engaging RPMS support.

RPMS provides three levels of support

Strategic support

This provides strategic support in the form of a Project Manager and team, including the setting up and closure of large, complex, collaborative and multi-disciplinary initiatives with a range of project partners. The Project Manager will help the Principal Investigator to operate and oversee the running of a project, including the identification of a project board and suitable follow on funding opportunities.

Coordinator support

This provides a single Project Coordinator to set up, run and close projects with the Principal Investigator. Typical activities include the coordination of project meetings and partners, supporting professional financial and administrative procedures such as project papers, reporting, marketing materials and conference calls. This type of support is particularly suited to networks or medium scale multiparty projects.

Administrative support

This type of support is suited to projects within a single institution and provides clerical/administrative support as identified by and required for the project. Typical activities include organising and running project meetings, maintaining records and basic budget reporting. Financial administrators provide more specialist financial support including monitoring and reporting of budgets, spends and remaining funds, salary reclaims and financial forecasting.

To find out more about support available and respective responsibilities please refer to the RPMS enquiry checklist (campus only).


Examples of projects RPMS have supported.


For further information or enquiries please contact:
Richard Hocking 
Head of Research Project Management and Post Award
Tel: +44 (0)1225 38 3622