Statutory Bodies and Committees

Grievance Committee

Under the terms of Section 17.20 of the Statutes, the Academic and other Staff of the University, and the Graduates and the Students of the University, may ask the Council to redress a grievance.

The Grievance Committee reports to the University Council and is responsible for hearing grievances raised by Academic Staff in accordance with Statute 25 Part VI.

Secretary to the Committee: If you would like further information about the Grievance Committee, please contact Angela Pater, ext 3075.

Committee members

  • Chair
  • One member of the Council not being a person employed by the University
  • One member of the academic staff nominated by Senate.

Terms of Reference

Approved by Council on 3rd July 2008.

Ordinance 21 sets out the Grievance Procedure.

Procedural rules

  • Procedure: Ordinance 21
  • Appointment of Chair: Appointed by Council
  • Co-option: No provision
  • Alternates: No provision
  • Quorum: All members present
  • Rules for voting: None specified
  • Minutes: Report of outcome of hearing submitted to Council.