Statutory Bodies and Committees

Senior Academic Appointments Committee

The Senior Academic Appointments Committee is a Joint Committee of Council and Senate. It is responsible for considering vacancies for the roles of Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Dean and Head of School/Department and makes recommendations for appointment to Council (via Senate in the case of Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor).

Secretary to the Committee: If you would like further information about the Senior Academic Appointments Committee, please contact Angela Pater, ext 3075.

Committee members

Terms of office expire on 31st July in the year stated.

Professor Dame Glynis Breakwell President and Vice-Chancellor, Chair
Mr R Whorrod Member of Council elected by Council
Ms C Gibbons Member of Council elected by Council
Mr J Stanion Member of Council elected by Council
Professor J Barnett Member of Senate elected by Senate
Professor G McCusker Member of Senate elected by Senate
Professor S Wonnacott Member of Senate elected by Senate

The following officer routinely attends meetings of the Committee, Director of Human Resources

Terms of Reference

Approved by Council 17th May 2007.

  • 1. In accordance with Statute 7.2, to consider and recommend to Council via Senate persons for appointment as Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor.
  • 2. In accordance with Statute 8.1, to consider and recommend to Council persons for appointment as Dean and Head of School/Department.

Senior Academic Appointment Procedures

The following procedures were approved by Council on the recommendation of Senate on 23rd October 2008:

Procedural Rules

Membership: Governed by Ordinance 3. Holders of posts within the remit of the Committee can serve as members of the Committee if so elected by Council/Senate. This is permitted provided that such postholders withdraw from the meeting for discussion of any appointment for which they are recommended.

Appointment of Chair: The Vice-Chancellor takes the Chair (Ordinance 3.3).
Co-option: See Council Standing Orders 16(iv) and 16(v).
Alternates: See Council Standing Orders 17(ii) to (iv).
Quorum: One third of the membership (Council Standing Order 16(vi)).
Rules for voting: None specified.
Minutes: Submitted to Council and Senate.