University of Bath

Research and Commercialisation Contracts

We are responsible for setting up and supporting contracts between academics and external organisations.

We are responsible for delivering contracts which take into account acceptable levels of risk and reasonable timescales.

You will need a contract if you are working with an external organisation to do your research. This can include charities, businesses, government bodies or other universities. The following types of contract are included in this process:

  • unfunded collaboration agreements
  • collaboration and consortium agreements (including EU)
  • novation agreements
  • consultancy
  • confidentiality agreements
  • studentships and student projects
  • knowledge transfer partnerships
  • non-disclosure agreements
  • material transfer agreements
  • spin-outs
  • framework agreements
  • sub-contracts
  • assignments, sales or licences of patents
  • evaluation agreements

See our Service Level Agreement for reviewing research contracts.

See our animation on how we support your research contracts.


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