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Timetabling Information


Below are links to some timetabling information you may find useful. If there is anything else you would like to see added please e-mail timetabling@bath.ac.uk with your suggestions.

Approved Teaching Hours - details of the current approved teaching hours

Frequently Asked Questions - answers to questions the Timetabling Office are generally asked

Guidelines for the booking of the University Hall during teaching weeks - information and conditions regarding the booking of the University Hall

Guidelines for the use of GTA rooms - information about general practices when using general teaching rooms, use of teaching equipment, the styles of the GTA rooms and how to report problems and faults (coming soon)

How timetable activities are coded - information on how a timetabled activity is coded and the meanings of the abbreviations used

Room Bookings - information on how to book a room for an ad-hoc booking

Room Information - details and photographs of all the current GTA and Committee rooms

Students' Union room booking codes - a list of the codes used when Student Union clubs or societies make room bookings

The Timetabling Process - a brief outline of the stages involved in producing the timetables