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Guidelines for the Booking of the University Hall

Booking the University Hall

All internal and external bookings for the Hall must be made through the University Room Booking Service (timetabling@bath.ac.uk).

For external bookings please e-mail timetabling@bath.ac.uk with details of your request.

For internal bookings ONLY:

  • Check the availability of the Hall either via the web or via the Timetabling Office.
  • Ask the Central Timetabling Office to temporarily 'hold' the room for you.
  • Complete a University Hall booking form which you will need to take to the A.V. Unit to discuss your use of the Hall and your requirements regarding the A.V. equipment on the stage.
  • Return the signed form that says they agree to the request to the Central Timetabling Office where your booking will be processed and a room confirmation slip produced.

NB: If your event requires the use of the Projection Box and the A.V. equipment you and/or the Backstage Club must discuss what you intend to do with the A.V. Unit before they will sign the booking form. (a.v.bookings@bath.ac.uk)

2. Unless a booking appears under your booking code on the web timetable (http://www.bath.ac.uk/timetable/rooms) you do not have the University Hall booked.
3. Bookings for the University Hall will not be taken without at least one working day of notice.
4. All bookers must understand that the A.V. equipment on the stage is the property of the A.V. unit. It should not be used or removed without the knowledge of the A.V. Unit.
Using the University Hall
1. The Projection Box - Access only by previous arrangement with the A.V. Unit. All cables, switches and settings for the P.A. system must be returned to the original positions. The box should be left clean and tidy with unobstructed access to the projectors.
2. Lighting - No lamps should be left hanging from the grid that obscure the screen when viewed from the projection box. Lighting desks cannot remain in the balcony on top of seating, as all seats are required for teaching.
3. Curtains - The front of the room must be left so that the screen/whiteboards can be used for teaching.
4. Health and Safety
- Please ensure that cables and other obstructions are never left across the floor. Always ensure that disabled access is clear.
- The Hall will seat a maximum of 386. It is your responsibility to ensure that the number of persons using this facility does not exceed the room capacity.