Office of the University Secretary

Central Contracts Repository ("CCR")

  1. Accessing the CCR

    You can access the Central Contracts Repository here

    Access to the system has been restricted to the appropriate members of staff using their normal username and password.
  2. Inputting Agreements

    You are required to input into the CCR, all contracts which the University enters into of an on-going nature[1]. One off purchases of travel, accommodation, conferences etc. are not required to be entered.

    The Central Contracts Repository is the University's primary electronic record of  contracts and therefore not only should the brief details of the contract be entered, but also the parties and a copy of the contract is to be uploaded.

    All contracts should be entered within 28 days of receipt of the fully (by all parties) signed and dated agreement.

  3. How to use the CCR

    The two users manuals are set out on the home page of the CCR - one for the full area and one for the placements spreadsheets area.

    The user manuals describe how to upload contracts to the CCR.

  4. Department areas

    For ease of use, the CCR is divided into departmental areas and access has been tailored with individual named permissions granted to those areas.

    If you require access to a department area, please contact the Senior Legal Adviser (David Jolly, x 6966) or the Senior Legal Advisor's PA (Karen Gleave, x 5024). You will need the relevant Head of Department's permission.

  5. Paper copies of agreements

    This electronic storage does not remove the need to keep original signed copies of agreements - where there are paper copies, this should be retained in accordance with current practice.

  6. Further assistance

    The user manuals also set out the contact details of where you can obtain further assistance.

    [1] This does not include purchase orders or HR contracts which are stored elsewhere (in Agresso and iTrent respectively).