The scaffolding and external hoarding are now in place, with directional signage to the Claverton Rooms entrance.

The Claverton Rooms opening time has moved to 11:30am with lunch served as normal. To provide a morning alternative, Parade Bar & Grill will open at 9am serving hot drinks, cakes and pastries and Wessex Restaurant will also open from 9am to 3pm as a space for meetings and socialising.

If you‘ve booked your Christmas meal, please be assured this will go ahead as planned with the usual friendly service from the team.

The partition on the inside of the Claverton Rooms windows will be finalised in time to start removing the windows on 2 January 2020. This will be done individually to minimise any disruption.

The radiators will be removed in sections as the hoarding is put in place, and will be replaced by movable temporary ones until the end of the project when new, more efficient radiators are installed.

The contractor, Bray and Slaughter, has worked with the University previously on the Polden Café and Newlands Farm, part of the IAAPS development. Given the age of the building and the likely presence of traces of asbestos, the windows will be removed by licenced contractors under controlled conditions and in accordance with HSE guidelines. This will maintain a safe environment around the works, and for added reassurance air monitoring will be carried out while the windows are removed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this will cause. However, it is essential work and the new windows will offer vastly improved thermal and sound insulation.

As with any project, the timescales may change if the contractors encounter any unexpected issues and we will keep you updated as the project progresses.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Estates Helpdesk.