Professor Barbara Kasprzyk-Holdern (Chemistry) will work with an interdisciplinary team across the University extend joint research with the Stellenbosch Water Centre. The project aims to build resilient communities in urban and rural Africa, synergizing social wellbeing and public health in the face of urban water shortage crises and deteriorating water quality.

Dr Apala Majumdar (Mathematical Sciences) and colleagues from the department will collaborate with partners in Mexico and Chile. The project will create a new international network consolidating research connections in mathematics across the institutions, and create a broad and rapidly expanding research platform for Bath in Latin America.

Dr Ajit Mishra (Economics) is collaborating with Stellenbosch University to research government accountability and service delivery, with the aim of improving the quality of life for beneficiaries of government-initiated affordable housing projects.

Led by Professor Nick Pearce, the Institute for Policy Research (IPR) will extend collaborations with the Institute for Welfare State Research at Yonsei University. The project will investigate contemporary welfare state reforms, with a focus on social investment strategies and Universal Basic Income schemes in comparative perspective.

The Centre for Death & Society (CDAS), led by Dr John Troyer (Social and Policy Science), will collaborate with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences with the ambition of establishing a transnational research hub to build new international pathways to grief and bereavement support in China, Australasia and the Trans-Pacific.

Dr Bernado Castro-Dominguez (Chemical Engineering) will further collaborations with Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States. The project team envisions the development of a molecular protective coat placed over the surface of metals that can act as a barrier, preventing poisoning, but maintaining their catalytic performance.

Dr Despina Moschou (Electronic & Electrical Engineering) will be extending joint research with the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay to develop a fast-response Lab-on-PCB biosensor platform to quantify life-threatening bacteria in saliva.

Dr Loizos Pelecanos (Architecture & Civil Engineering) will collaborate with University of California, Berkeley, investigating long-term behaviour and resilience of energy piles for sustainable harvesting of geothermal energy.

Dr Stijn Wuyts (Physics) and colleagues from the department will collaborate with partners in China, including Tsinghua University. They will be undertaking research at the Shanghai Astronomical University, several National Astronomical Observatories of China, and Purple Mountain Observatory to reveal the dust-enshrouded nature of star-forming galaxies.