Incoming PhD visits 2018/19

PhD student: Ruma Maity (Mathematical Sciences)
Partner institution: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Research project: Multistability for confined nematic liquid crystalline systems

PhD student: Manu Shree (Biology & Biochemistry)
Partner institution: Indian Institute of Technology Mandi
Research project: Decoding the carbon metabolic networks of Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius for industrial application

Outgoing PhD visits 2018/19

PhD student: Federica Mevoli (Architecture & Civil Engineering)
Partner institution: University of California
Research project: Numerical simulation of energy pile's behaviour

PhD student: Rebecca Ellis (Architecture & Civil Engineering)
Partner institution: Oregon State University
Research project: Evaluating the influence of benthic controls on oxygen dynamics in relation to historical water-column budgets at a long-term coastal-marine monitoring station

PhD student: Valentina Macchiarulo (Architecture & Civil Engineering)
Partner institution: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology
Research project: Processing of InSAR data for building damage

PhD student: Andre Pereira (Chemical Engineering)
Partner institution: National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Department of Energy, USA
Research project: The optimised fractionation of spent coffee grounds for the production of advanced biofuels and related bulk chemicals

PhD student: Parimala Shivaprasad (Chemical Engineering)
Partner institution: Eindhoven University of Technology
Research project: Reaction intensification using a rotor-stator spinning disc reactor

PhD student: Elizabeth Holton (Chemistry)
Partner institution: Stellenbosch University
Research project: Distribution of heavy metals in urban wastewater and river water

PhD student: Adam Peverell (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
Partner institution: Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Research project: Radio and optical observations of sprite producing thunderstorms over Northern Colombia

PhD student: Uros Zupanic (Electronic and Electrical Engineering)
Partner institution: Harvard University
Research project: Printed biosensors for sepsis point-of-care care diagnostics

PhD student: Pavlos Silvestros (Health)
Partner institution: Griffith University
Research project: Subject-specific modelling of the cervical spine and neck muscles for injury prevention applications

PhD student: Andrea De Bartolomeis (Mechanical Engineering)
Partner institution: RWTH Aachen
Research project: Innovative cooling/lubrication for machining advanced alloys

PhD student: Tomas Chuaqui (Mechanical Engineering)
Partner institution: Georgia Institute of Technology
Research project: Investigation of non-standard angle composite laminate design

PhD student: Andrea Bauer (Psychology)
Partner institution: University of Sao Paulo
Research project: Understanding the relationship between trauma, post traumatic stress disorder and conduct disorder in high-risk contexts

PhD student: Chunhua Chen (Social & Policy Sciences)
Partner institution: Beijing Normal University
Research project: New ideas operationalized in social welfare policymaking in China