Dr Sally Adams (Psychology) will engage in joint research with Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL). The project examines the affective impact of tobacco health warnings to help establish more effective tobacco warning labels and reduce mortality and morbidity from tobacco use globally.

Dr Paul Denley (Education) will collaborate with University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa; University of Rwanda College of Education; and National University of Lesotho. Addressing challenges in education, the project considers data from science and mathematics classrooms across a number of African countries to understand how home languages can be used effectively alongside official languages of instruction.

Working alongside Prof. Janet Scott (Chemistry), Dr Mirella di Lorenzo (Chemical Engineering) will be researching the use of plant-based, natural fibers to address health and environmental challenges arising from mercury pollution in Colombia. Collaborators in the project are Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), Universidad de Los Andes, and Engineers without Borders. The research will also explore the possibility to functionalize the fique fiber with metal-organic framework nanocrystals for pollutant adsorption.

Dr Giorgia Giardina (Architecture & Civil Engineering) will collaborate with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. This project will define a procedure for the quantitative assessment of seismic damage to structures based on satellite remote sensing data.

Professor Paul Milewski (Mathematical Sciences) will lead an interdisciplinary Bath team to collaborate with partners in Paraguay, including the Ministry of Planning for Economic and Social Development and Universidad Cientifica del Paraguay. The project spans two themes, with research focusing on controlling vector-borne tropical diseases, and an institutional partnership building capacities in postgraduate research training.

Dr Bhavna Sharma (Architecture & Civil Engineering) will collaborate with partners in Indonesia and the Netherlands to research a community-based model for the production of engineered bamboo in Indonesia, and to explore the supply chain resilience from harvest to construction of this sustainable building material.

Dr Michelle St Clair (Psychology) and colleagues from the department will collaborate with Stellenbosch University, South Africa. A joint workshop with the Prevention Research Group at Stellenbosch will investigate how to improve the outcomes of child development in low-income and middle-income countries, with a focus on the context of high poverty, adversity or the impact of trauma and maltreatment.

Dr Oliver Walton (Social & Policy Sciences) with colleagues from the department and the Department of Health will collaborate with institutions in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Address health challenges in South Asia, this project will develop a better understanding of alcohol consumption and regulation, and their impact, through a comparison of conflict-affected and non-conflict affected areas in the region.