Students from WISE and SAMBa CDTs, under the awesome banner of Team Coronasaurus, entered the 2nd weeklong NERC COVID 19 Digital Sprint Hackathon. Ari Cooper-Davis (WISE Exeter), Christina Conti (WISE Exeter), Mikkel Lykkegaard (WISE Exeter), Piotr Morawiecki (SAMBa Bath) and James Rand (WISE Bath) were tasked with using NERC and other publicly available databases to understand the impact of Covid 19 lockdown and how any lessons could be applied to mitigation actions needed to meet the Paris Accord to reduce climate change.

Looking at the way many organisations and companies rapidly adapted to alternative and home working practices through the proxy data of traffic, energy use, emissions along with disease, social and population data, Team Coronasaurus proposed a blended work week solution. With a 2+2 working week proposal (longer working days with 2 in the office, 2 at home and an extra day off per week) a reduction of some 10-20% in the UK’s CO2 emissions is predicted.

Commended for their good analysis, modelling and informative YouTube video, Team Coronasaurus was awarded 3rdplace overall. You can watch the Team Coronasaurus YouTube video and view the interactive Jupyter Notebook/Binder on the GitHub repository.