Promotion to professor

Marcelle McManus, Department of Mechanical Engineering, has been promoted to Professor of Energy and Environmental Engineering.

Marcelle has achieved international recognition for her research, particularly bioenergy. She is on the Core Management Group of one of the UK’s largest energy research consortia, the Supergen Bioenergy Hub. Her scholarship has been used to guide policy makers (e.g. BEIS, DEFRA, DfT and DECC) and to change design. Three of her papers have won Prizes, including the prestigious George Stephenson Medal in 2008.

Professor Gary Lock, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering, said: “There was huge support from within the Department and Faculty for her promotion to personal chair. Marcelle has the important ability to engage in large-scale interdisciplinary projects with research connections at Berkeley, Tsinghua and Toronto. Her research is being used nationally and internationally by researchers in the energy field, addressing challenges for long-term sustainability.

Other academic promotions

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