The University of Bath is delighted to be partnered with ATLAS SkillTech University in Mumbai after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The partnership will allow Bath’s School of Management (SoM) to continue to sustain an ongoing relationship with their esteemed partner in India, formally known as ISME.

The partnership will allow for research collaboration, joint research conferences and co-funding bids in entrepreneurship and innovation. Student and staff exchange will also be made possible, including the co-delivery of ATLAS programmes and winter schools, and a collaboration on student experience. A University of Bath hub at ATLAS may also be established, which will support profile building and local networking events, alumni relations, placement and internship management, student recruitment and ongoing academic collaboration activities. Master's progression for ATLAS students will also be made available at Bath.

The partnership will allow Bath and the SoM to advance the strategic goal of greater internationalisation and will have the potential to align with key research priorities such as entrepreneurship and innovation. This alliance will also allow the School to raise their international profile and reputation, both in India and globally.

ATLAS is newly configured as an institution with HE status and one of the first SkillTech Universities approved by India’s University Grants Commission. As ISME, the institution was established as a private college, yet it grew to be one of the most popular private business schools in Mumbai and used this success as a platform for its newly granted full university status. The institution is locally respected and holds esteemed professional partnerships.

Dr Peter Nuttall, Associate Dean (International) for the School of Management, who led the MoU proposal, said:

The School has been working closely with ATLAS (formerly ISME) since its inception and our relationship has gone from strength to strength. Dr Indu Shahani, President of ATLAS and former Sheriff of Mumbai, is a great friend and advocate for the University and School and continues to be the driving force behind one of India’s newest and most innovative higher education institutions. We are very excited about deepening our level of cooperation and plans include student and faculty exchange, joint winter and summer schools and collaboration on social entrepreneurship projects.

The University of Bath is proud to further sustain a relationship with ATLAS and looks forward to seeing the successes of this partnership.